2018 Renault Kwid Review
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2018 Renault Kwid Review

Car Tested: 2018 Renault Kwid; Road Test No. 974

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 3.32 – 5.45 lakhs

The 2018 Renault Kwid comes with more features than before but still no ABS

When Renault launched the Kwid in India few years back, not many people knew that this small car with SUVish styling elements will turn out to be a fairly successful model for the French automaker. The Kwid has gained a lot of popularity in the Indian market and it draws sales thanks to the package that it offers. Now, the automaker has launched the 2018 Kwid which is nothing but a mid-life refresh where the interiors get more equipment while the outside makes do with minor tweaks.

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Minor changes are seen only on having a close look at the exterior

Exteriors – There are no noticeable changes to the exteriors apart from the revised front grille. The headlamps, bumpers and other body panels carry similar styling as before. Our test car was the Climber Edition which gets wheel caps that look like alloy wheels. This shade of blue looks very funky and there are some catchy elements like the bumper skid plates with a silver finish and some orange accents. Overall, the Kwid looks pleasing and is also the best looking car in its segment.

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The cabin gets orange touches to give it a youthful appeal

Interiors – The interior layout continues to remain the same. The dashboard gets a black colour theme and along with that, there are various orange touches on the seat covers, dashboard and gear lever. The instrument cluster gets a digital display which looks quite cool. The front seats aren’t very large and support is average. Space at the rear is very limited if you push the front seats all the way back but otherwise it is pretty decent. The Kwid also comes with a reverse camera now while the rear seat gets a centre armrest. The touchscreen infotainment system is the same as before though, producing decent sound quality. The hatchback also comes with central & remote locking and a driver side airbag. The boot has a cargo capacity of 300-litres while there’s also a 12V charging socket installed at the rear now.