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The cabin feels sporty and luxurious

Interiors – The exterior looks distinct from other BMWs but that distinguished feel does not continue on the inside. The dashboard is identical to the likes of the new X5, X7 and the upcoming 3-Series. But that is what nearly all brands do and this cabin impresses on all other aspects. The seating position is good with great seating support and numerous adjustments. The cabin feels properly snug and the thick-rimmed steering wheel makes you feel special.

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The all-digital instrument cluster looks very cool

The Z4 comes with the new iDrive & instrument cluster and the layout takes some time getting used to

The dashboard is titled towards the driver which is just what you need in a car like this. The new all-digital instrument cluster has a vivid display and amazing detailing. We like the anti-clock-wise rev counter which reminded us of some Aston Martins. We find the 10.2-inch touch screen to be a tad big in a sports car, lessening that analogue feel. However, people appreciate touch screens and we cannot find flaws with BMW’s iDrive interface.

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The all-black interior gives a good contrast to the bright red exterior

Quality is supremely good. The roof mechanism also works as it should and we did not find any rattles or squeaks when the roof was in place. The rich leather and brushed trim make it a pleasant place on long drives. We wish the interior was more practical though. There is not much space for knickknacks and the outside visibility is only above-average. The small boot is further limited by a spare tyre.

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Though not standard, the Z4 comes with a lot of features

Quality of materials used is impressive and the seats feel very comfortable

BMW has made sure you don’t miss the essentials in the Z4. Two-zone climate control, electric seats, wireless charging and heads-up display are offered. There is ample interior upholstery and colour options available. Pay attention to the brochure though, not all of it is a part of the standard equipment.