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The dashboard design is a mix of sportiness and luxury

Interiors – Like most big coupes, the doors open very wide. You can almost walk in the cabin of the C43. The interior is as Mercedes as you expect it to be. Things that catch your eye are the steering wheel, the instrument cluster and the large 10.2-inch touch screen display. The steering is complex looking with a variety of controls on it. The tactile controls are easy to accustom to and the flat base will surely keep the keen drivers happy. We also like that the steering wheel looks special with all that silver finish. The instrument cluster is not all-digital but the analogue instrumentation is legible with the centre screen telling all sorts of info like how the power is shuffled between the front and rear wheels.

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A brushed aluminium trim instead of the wood inlays would’ve looked even better!

The all-black interior along with red highlights and the AMG steering wheel give the cabin a premium and sporty feel

The infotainment screen is sleek with good graphics but it is not quite in the league of BMW’s iDrive. Mention must be made of the fact that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not the part of the standard kit. Apart from that, the infotainment system is easy to use once you get the hang of it and sound quality is pretty impressive too, though you might just not want to listen to music if you have that lovely V6 on the boil.

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Front seats get electric adjust along with heating and cooling function

The front seats are snug and are electrically adjustable complete with memory function. They are also heated and cooled. Red seat belts add a dash of sportiness as does the all-black theme with red-stitching on our car. What we felt was a misfit, however, was the wood finish on the centre console. We would opt for brushed aluminium instead. The space up front is very generous with more than ample legroom and decent headroom.

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The spare wheel steals a large chunk of the boot space

Front and rear seats have adequate space & can seat four adults in comfort

The rear seats are not bad for a car of this class. They can accommodate average size adults rather comfortably. Legroom is tight and the seats are a touch too upright but those are shortcomings common among cars of this class. The shape of the seats ensures good support though. The C43 gets a lot of equipment including climate control, panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting, etc.