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The red interior gives this Mercedes that added oomph

Interiors – This is S-Class that we are talking about, so there is a certain degree of luxury that you expect. The cabin of the S63 surpasses the high expectations. The interior is simply spectacular, especially in this red trim that we have. It oozes luxury and the quality of finish and materials is all but faultless. The simple yet tech-savvy layout just makes it more special

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One can toggle the panoramic sunroof from transparent to opaque

The S63 comes with the finest quality of materials with crazy attention to detail

Equipment levels are very good indeed. You get stuff like a premium Burmester sound system, a variety of seat adjustments with massage function, night vision, ambient lighting to name a few. We love the panoramic sunroof that goes from transparent to opaque with a touch of a button. The front seats not only look sexy but are extremely comfortable to sit in. The massage options on offer are to be experienced to be believed! The space up front is generous. There is a dual-screen display which looks perfect with the times but the infotainment screen is not touch-operated and the interface still lacks the fluidity of the BMW’s iDrive.

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Without the spare tyre, the boot has a decent amount of space

The rear seats are surprisingly accommodative for reasonable distances. Of course, some compromises have to be made. But the sheer level of detailing and comfort offered at the back will not leave the rear occupants wanting for more. Like the exterior, you can customise the interior in a variety of ways. It is not to the standards of Rolls Royce, but aplenty to make you spoilt for choice.

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Like the exterior, the cabin also gives out a sporty and luxurious vibe

While the front seats are extremely comfortable, the rear seats are only suitable for short distances

The AMG steering wheel and the carbon fibre finish make the cabin look sporty. However, the sporty feeling always precedes the feeling of luxury in the S63. We actually prefer it this way as this is a car that is designed for crushing miles and not corners. The level of detail, the standard of perfection and the degree of comfort make it one of the best car interiors we have ever been in.