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Dump the accelerator and this Mercedes will spin instantly

Performance – The Mercedes-AMG S63 is powered by the same 4.0-litre bi-turbo engine that does duty on the C63, E63, G63 and the AMG GTs but has the highest state of tune at 612 HP and 900 Nm (the 4-door AMG GT is more powerful at 630 HP but isn’t sold in India). As expected, acceleration is immediate with no turbo lag so to speak and great drivability too, the engine shutting four of its cylinders when you go easy on the throttle. However, while Mercedes chose to equip left-hand drive S63s with all-wheel drive, the right-hand-drive version is only available in rear-wheel drive, making is 0.7 seconds slower to the ton, taking 4.2 seconds. The motor is terrifically refined and pulls strongly all the way till 7000 RPM, sounding sporty from the mid-range.

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The 9-speed gearbox delivers quick shifts

The Twin-Turbo V8 motor takes 4.2 seconds to take this beast from 0-100 km/hr

There are 5 drive modes which alter the engine, transmission, suspension, ESP and exhaust note, it has active exhausts which make the car crack and pop under downshifts. The drive modes are Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Race and a configurable Individual giving full manual control on the 9-speed automatic gearbox which will not upshift until and unless you decide to do so. Shifts are fast for both up and down gears but a bit jerky when you are heavy on the throttle. The car gets a launch control mode but whenever you try to get hard on the throttle, traction control intervenes as there is just too much torque for the rear wheels to handle. Fuel economy is between 2.5 – 5 km/l, depending on the driving style.

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The S63 has an involving driving experience

Driving Dynamics – The Mercedes-AMG S63 is a heavy car, it weighs 2080 kgs but that weight can’t be felt as the balance of the car is very good. It’s not agile but still maintains its line well over long sweeping corners, the steering offering great feel and feedback too. The wide tyres have grip as long as you don’t go hard on the A pedal but once you do, they scramble for traction and the ESP kicks in and can be turned to ESP Sport which gives more leeway before cutting the power. ESP can be shut completely too but that’s like activating drift mode, there is just no traction, especially in the wet. That said, Mercedes has done a great job with the electronics as they work very well, right from the ESP to the adaptive cruise control and steering assist, the latter two use radar tech to ensure you stay in your lane and a good distance away from others by applying brakes automatically.

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Ride quality is decent with impressive brakes

Feedback rich steering along with incredible high speed stability make the S63 Coupe very fun to drive

Mercedes has opted for real low profile tyres but the ride is quite good nonetheless, yes it’s stiff but still absorbent enough to not throw you around, the car remaining glued to the road at higher speeds. Cabin insulation is also fab and you can’t really feel the speeds in this car due to the stability and low NVH. The dampers stiffen up in Sport and Race modes and one can manually choose between three settings of the AMG Ride Control – Comfort, Sport and Sport+. Stopping power on the S63 is terrific with good feedback on the brake pedal.