2021 Mercedes S Class Teaser
Teaser sketches usually make the car look sleeker than it actually is

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the 2021 S-Class final teaser image which shows an attractive-looking car with a much sleeker body, ahead of the saloon’s world premiere that is set to take place on 2nd September.

The sketch shows a much sleeker headlight units which look bigger than the actual units that will be used on the car. Similarly, the lower portion of the front bumper too looks much larger than it will actually be.

Down the sides, the door handles have been done away with, while the roofline is coupe-like and of course, one cannot miss the comically larger wheels in the sketch.

Manufacturers have long had the habit of releasing such sketches to keep the anticipation up before the actual launch of the car that stemmed from the sketch. However, with almost every individual holding a smartphone in their possession, spy pictures of any car flood the internet faster than official sketches these days.

Anyhow, we know that the luxury saloon which is often quoted the “best car in the world” will come with as many as three touchscreens for the rear passengers alone, apart from the 12.8-inch portrait-style screen for the infotainment system at the front.

As a first, the W223 codenamed S-Class will come with front airbag for rear passengers and Mercedes says the new car will “redefine the automotive luxury segment with numerous innovations”. This could only mean the German carmaker will surprise us during the unveil of the car.

It must be noted that the car will be built in a new plant. Named “Factory 56”, Mercedes will also open the facility dubbed the “factory of the future” on the same day the car gets revealed. We expect the luxury saloon to come to India next year.

One more thing, if the 2021 Mercedes S-Class teaser images are anything to go by, future Mercedes cars will offer more tech than before. The time has come for BMW and Audi to pull up their socks.

2021 Mercedes S-Class Teaser

  • Mercedes reveals the final teaser image of the new S-Class
  • World premiere of the luxury saloon will take place on 2nd September
  • India launch is expected to take place next year
2021 Mercedes Benz S Class MBUX Infotainment
The rear passengers will get front airbags for safety and three screens to entertain themselves