2019 Mercedes-Benz E220d Review
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2019 Mercedes E220d Review

Car Tested: 2019 Mercedes E220d Exclusive; Road Test No. 1120; Test Location: Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 75,45,078/-

Mercedes has improved its high-selling luxury sedan, the E-Class, with more features and a BS6-compliant powertrain

India has a lucrative luxury car market and it seems Mercedes-Benz has understood it better than anyone else. They have a diverse range of cars at all price points and the company does not shy away from launching more and more every year. Despite the crowded model line-up, the E-Class, once the bread and butter model for Mercedes in India, has stood its ground rather well. The latest generation of E-Class gets what most luxury car buyers in India look for – space. The long-wheelbase only E-Class comfortably outsells all its key competitors. The company has given the E-Class another update this time. The E220d now comes with a far cleaner BS6-compliant diesel engine along with a new variant. How far does that go in making the already desirable saloon more desirable? Let us find out.

Motor Quest: Mercedes-Benz, as we all know, was the first luxury brand to come to India. The brand came with the E-Class in 1994 and since then the sedan has been the bread and butter model for Mercedes in India. The car helped the brand establish a premium image and has been the de-facto choice for wealthy car buyers since then. The rising competition and the rage of SUVs in the recent past seem to have little effect on the E-Class. The latest generation comes in long-wheelbase only and that has opened doors for a wider audience. Additionally, the relatively good value, excellent build quality, comfort and the prestige that comes with the E-Class badge, has made it a favourite amongst the buyers of this class.

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The E-Class resembles the S-Class from a lot of angles

Exteriors – The E-Class retains that long and regal look which sometimes fools the untrained eye into believing it to be an S-Class. The design is superbly executed with the stance going a long way to enhance the premium feeling of the car. The front is complete with a dominating grille and a huge three-pointed star, sculpted bumpers and the trademark split headlight design. Speaking of the headlights, the C-Class has a single streak of DRL, the S-Class has three and the E-Class, which sits in the middle, has two. This is one way of differentiating between the Mercedes’ look-alike saloons!

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The design gives out a premium and elegant vibe

At over 5-metres long, the E-Class looks absolutely graceful and sophisticated

As we said before, the long-wheelbase makes the side profile look elegant. The alloy wheel design complements the side of the E-Class. We also like that the rear seat space is liberated behind the rear door, meaning the door does not look wide and disproportionate. The rear looks pretty identical to the S-Class but the sportier tail light design and narrower boot are the things that tell you it is not.