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The E220d is now BS6 compliant

Performance – The major difference to the BS6 E220d is the change in tune of the 2.0-litre motor. Although the output from the engine remains the same at 194 HP and 400 Nm, the overall performance has been made more linear. Hardware changes include a diesel particulate filter and a selective catalytic reduction process done with the addition of AdBlue fluid (which is tanked up every service). This is to make the E-Class comply with BS6 emission norms on BS4 grade fuel. Due to BS6, the oil burner isn’t as quick in the mid-range and 0-100 km/hr times have tumbled by half a second to 9.3 seconds.

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The 9-speed gearbox delivers smooth shifts without any lag

Refinement levels are exceptional and the E220d delivers smooth performance

That aside, the Mercedes E220d is a terrifically refined car with some sound creeping into the cabin once you get past the mid-range. It’s not a fast-revving mill but turbo lag is almost not felt, so drivability is really good although top-end is lacking, the car redlining at around 4500 RPM. The 9G-Tronic gearbox is smooth shifting and quite quick too but if you want to use 8th and 9th gear, you have to be above the ton. The E-Class is still a couple of seconds slower than the now-discontinued E350d but is more frugal, returning between 10-15 km/l of fuel economy.

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Ride quality is fantastic and the E-Class has amazing high speed stability

Driving Dynamics – The Mercedes E-Class has a long-wheelbase which along with the soft suspension, makes it a car which isn’t dynamic by any means. However, you will be surprised by the composure of the vehicle at high speeds as well as through corners as body roll is well contained. The surprise here is the steering wheel which is light at low speeds but weighs up brilliantly at high speeds, giving good feedback to the driver. But there is no escaping from the soft suspension which makes the car bouncy at higher speeds over bad roads. The plus side is the ride quality, it’s excellent (even without air suspension) and only real sharp bumps affect the car. The brakes offer great stopping power and the COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST uses radars to automatically apply brakes if it senses you are too close to the vehicle ahead.