2019 Range Rover Sport Petrol Review
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2019 Range Rover Sport Review

Car Tested: 2019 Range Rover Sport SE 2.0 Petrol; Road Test No. 1118; Test Location: Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 1,12,14,120/-

The Range Rover Sport offers astounding value with its sophisticated looks, outstanding comfort and pleasant ride

Range Rover is probably all the car one would ever need. It is big, imposing, luxurious, well equipped and has a become a bit of a pop culture icon in recent times. Needless to say, it can eat mountains for breakfast. The only trouble is, it is not exactly a driver’s car. But Land Rover has got you covered. The Range Rover Sport is the relatively smaller, cheaper and more driver-oriented alternative to the bigger Rangie. Land Rover updated the Range Rover Sport last year and now have given it an efficient 4-pot petrol motor. Has the update and the new engine made the Range Rover Sport an even more compelling package? Let us hit the road to find out.

Motor Quest: The first generation Range Rover Sport was introduced in 2005 as a sportier alternative to the bigger Range Rover. The design of the Sport was inspired by the Range Stormer concept which debuted in 2004. The first generation model had a semi-monocoque chassis which was also found in the Discovery 3. Land Rover redesigned the Range Rover Sport for the 2013 model year and the same was launched in India in 2014. Today, the Range Rover Sport sits at a position just below the big Range Rover in the Range Rover family.

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Simple yet smart design gives the Sport a fabulous stance

Exteriors – The Range Rover Sport looks much like a conventional SUV. It does without the swooping lines and flowing roofs. What you get is a standard and slightly boxy looking shape but the facelift has ensured it stays with the times. The headlights look sleek and the equally minimalistic grille is refreshing in today’s age where car grilles seem to be getting bigger and bigger. The heightened profile accentuated by the beefy bumper gives the Sport tremendous road presence. The scoops on the bonnet show the subtle sporty nature of the car.

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The Sport’s understated design gives it a classy look

The Sport looks elegant, sporty and rugged and has great road presence

We love the balanced and tastefully done side profile. Nothing is excessive and nothing looks too bland. The continuous straight line from the headlight to the tail light is a nice touch. We also loved the wheels on our test car. The stand out elements on the rear are the intricately styled tail lamps and the rugged bumper. We like the old school and elegant design of the Sport. Finally, a luxury SUV that does not try too hard to look sporty!