2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Review
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2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Review

Car Tested: 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid; Road Test No. 1051; Test Location: Hyderabad

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 42,76,817/-

The Camry offers a great value in terms of performance, comfort and reliability

The Toyota Camry is a car that needs little introduction. One of the most successful sedans in the world, the flagship Toyota saloon has done rather well in the diesel-oriented Indian market as well. In fact, when the hybrid version of the Camry was launched, Toyota sold more cars than they expected and such is the demand for the efficient powerplant, that for the new Camry, Toyota has decided to go hybrid only. Of course, that is not the only talking point. The new Camry is an improvement over the older car in all respects. It’s bigger, more luxurious, better equipped, better styled, more efficient and cheaper than the outgoing car!

Motor Quest: The Toyota Camry is now in its 8th generation and Toyota has decided to go hybrid-only with this sedan. The Camry is a super popular car worldwide and is known for its reliability and no-nonsense nature.

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The Camry now looks more striking, do you like the styling?

Exteriors – Stylish and sophisticated are the best words to describe the new Camry’s design. Gone are the boxy and slightly awkward looks of the older car replaced by something much more futuristic. The front of the car looks very nice with the twin-grille set-up. The top grille is minimal with a large chrome strip across it merging into a ‘V’ at the centre with the blue-tinged Toyota logo atop it. The lower grille looks busy with several lines running on it but is neatly flanked by sharp housings for the fog lamps. The tail-lights are sharp and intricate adding to the smartness of the front. There are many cuts and creases across the bonnet but none of it looks overdone.

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The 2019 Camry is based on the TNGA platform, shared with the ES 300h

The 2019 Toyota Camry’s styling is flashy now and it has many bold elements

It is surprising how elegant the Camry looks despite so much on its body. Even on the side, there are many lines flowing across but it looks purposeful and not done for style’s sake. We love the design of the alloy wheels and the long, stately character of the side-profile. The rear may not be the prettiest part of the Camry but the large tail lamps look like they are brought in from Lexus. The prominent scoops on either side of the bumper and the air vent like element that extends from the taillamp to the bumper look interesting. There is that typical chrome finish with Camry inscribed on it above the registration plate. Overall, we think this design will age better than the previous one.