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The facelift brings a ton of features and equipment to the Polo

Interiors – Open the solid-feeling doors and step in to be greeted by a sea of red. The new Volkswagen Polo GTI gets quite a bit of cosmetic elements that differentiate it from the normal version. There is a flat-bottomed steering wheel right in front of the digital driver’s display. Arguably the biggest change in the Polo facelift is the technology in it. The digital driver’s display is very intuitive to use and is quite customizable. The infotainment system is quite large, and easy to use, and comes with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

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Seats are quite supportive & the rear doors also increases the practicality

Volkswagen has gone overboard with sporty elements inside the cabin to make you feel unique and special

The seats look very much like the old GTI’s seats. They are quite unique as compared to the existing lineup of the Polo. The seats also offer nice support and cushioning and would be comfortable on long journeys, and corners. With all the distinction inside the car, it looks like Volkswagen wants you, the driver, to know that you are driving a Polo GTI with 200 HP more than anyone else. Quality of the cabin is quite top-notch and the touchpoints are lined with soft-touch materials. The cabin is practical, certainly more practical than the previous GTI as it has more doors.