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2021 Aprilia SXR 125 Review

Bike tested: Aprilia SXR 125; Road Test No. 1326; Test Location: Pune

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 1,35,935/-

The Aprilia SXR 125 is the entry-level maxi-scooter offering from the brand in India

Aprilia is known to launch a 150-160cc model first and then follow up with a small, 125cc iteration. This time around, it’s the 125cc version of the brand’s flagship, the SXR 160. The mini SXR looks exactly similar to the 160 as it inherits its skin from the 160. However, it borrows its heart from its cousin, the SR 125. Aprilia marked its entry in a very hot segment as, before this, the Burgman had no direct competitor. A few weeks ago, Aprilia invited us to Pune to test the new SXR 125 which is Aprilia’s answer to the Suzuki Burgman Street. We tested the scooter in and around Pune city and, here is what we have to say about our experience.

MotorQuest: Aprilia entered the Indian market in 2016 with SR 150 and expanded their scooter portfolio in recent years. The SXR 125 is based on the SXR 160 and the SR 125. It is manufactured at their Baramati plant in Maharashtra. Internationally, Aprilia also offers a 50cc version of the SXR.

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The tri-split LED headlamp looks quite exquisite

Styling: Aprilia has maintained the overall design of the SXR 160 and copy-pasted it on the 125. There are several ‘signature’ touches all over the scooter. Starting with the front apron, it houses the tri-split LED headlamp, just like on every Aprilia. Up-top, the front fascia is crowned by a well-sized smoked visor. The front quarter panel has an Italian flag which, is again a signature Aprilia touch, and the panel under the footboard has Aprilia’s branding. Moving on the side body has edgy lines and cuts, which looks very aggressive. However, the exhaust is quite boxy and seems out of place here. Lastly, the taillamp also receives a split design which goes well with the width of the scooter. Aprilia offers the SXR 125 in four colour options – matte blue, matte black, glossy red and glossy white.

Aprilia SXR 125 Review 40
The instrument cluster offers a lot of data and the layout is also sophisticated

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear: The instrument cluster on the SXR 125 is an LCD unit. This cluster display is loaded with information, it displays a tachometer, engine and ambient temperature, twin-trip meters, range, live mileage. Also, it gets Bluetooth connectivity which is a nice touch. This cluster feels easy to read, even on bright and sunny days. Coming to the switchgear, the setup is fairly basic. On the left, you have a high-low beam switch with an integrated pass light function, a basic indicator and a horn switch. Moving to the right, you have a simple starter button and a ‘MODE’ button which can be used to toggle between the ride telemetry data on the go. The overall quality of the switchgear feels decent.

Aprilia SXR 125 Review 20
The placement of the boot release is a smart touch indeed

Ergonomics: As you would expect from a maxi-scooter, this one too is pretty spacious. The seat is wide and supportive enough for two passengers, while the seat height is 775 mm which is great for the average Indian. However, we found the cushioning to be on the harder side which might bother a few people. About the handlebar, it is quite light and easy to move. Furthermore, the mirrors offer a decent view of what’s behind. Lastly, the footboard is wide enough to accommodate your feet along with a medium-size grocery bag but, you can’t stretch your legs too much. It feels sporty compared to the other 125cc scooters while it is comfortable as compared its siblings.

The inclusion of a USB A socket is a nice touch

The under-seat storage is spacious enough to house a medium-size handbag or a small laptop bag. But, it can’t accommodate a full-face helmet. At the front, you have a closed compartment with two cubby holes. On the left, you have a USB charging socket along with a place to store your phone but, this space isn’t enough to accommodate today’s big-screen smartphones. While at the right, you have a deep cubby hole that can easily accommodate a 500 ml bottle or two 250 ml bottles. Overall, the SXR 125 has adequate storage spaces, making it a very practical option.

Aprilia SXR 125 Review 34
The SXR 125 shares its engine with the SR 125

Performance: Powering the SXR 125 is the same engine that powers Aprilia SR 125 and a few other Vespa scooters too. This air-cooled 124.45cc motor produces 9.38 BHP at 7600 RPM and 9.2 Nm of torque at 6250 RPM. Performance from this motor is quite pleasing. However, there is a lot of low-end lag, but the mid-range is brisk while the top end feels full of life. While in motion, the throttle response feels active, and the scooter instantly responds to throttle inputs. Cruising speeds lie in the range of 65-75 km/hr, and beyond this, the motor feels a bit stressed.

Aprilia SXR 125 Review 6
The SXR 125 weighs more than its competitor but it still feels fast

The SXR 125 is tuned for the top-end and the motor performs its best out on the highway

This 3-valve motor isn’t particularly smooth as it feels a bit raw. Some vibrations filter through and reach all the contact points, but it isn’t worrisome. We rode this scooter in and around Pune and the SXR 125 returned a fuel economy of 38-42 km/l. And with a sizeable 7-litre fuel tank, the riding range lies at a respectable 280 kms, making this scooter a very practical option on the highway. All in all, the power might feel lacking in the city but, out on the highway, this scooter really impressed us. We could not test the VBOX timings as the ride was within the city limits but we’ll get the number as we ride it for a longer duration.

Aprilia SXR 125 Review 1
The performance is favourable for inter-city touring as well

Riding Dynamics: This scooter has very rich riding dynamics. Aprilia has once again maintained the dynamic balance and, we were quite amazed by the handling of this scooter. In fact, it is the main USP of this product. The suspension setup comprises telescopic forks up front and a 5-step adjustable mono-shock at the rear. This scooter has brilliant balance and control as it is stiffly sprung. However, your back might not be happy with this setup as you can feel every bump and road undulation. With that said, the chassis and suspension balance make for a splendid feedback-rich riding experience.

Aprilia SXR 125 Review 5
The SXR 125 loves to be pushed and challenged, making swerving quite fun

The SXR 125 offers the best riding dynamics in the maxi-scooter segment making it a very desirable option

The Aprilia SXR 125 gets a disc brake upfront and a drum brake at the rear. The brakes pack a good amount of stopping power, and the CBS (Combi Braking System) works very well. What adds to the agile handling of this scooter are the wide 120-section tyres it wears at both ends. These tyres offer praiseworthy grip, and when you tip this scooter into a corner, it holds its line very well. Lastly, the 161 mm of ground clearance gives you enough gap to clear most of the hurdles you may encounter in the concrete jungle. To sum it up, we would say that the Aprilia SXR 125 is the most fun to ride maxi-scooter.

Aprilia SXR 125 Review 3
The SXR 125 is a very friendly and easy-to-ride scooter for beginners

Verdict: At Rs. 1,35,935/- (on-road Mumbai), the SXR does demand a hefty premium over its direct competitor, the Suzuki Burgman 125. It offers unmatched sport riding dynamics and a raw feel which enthusiasts will appreciate. But the Rs. 30,000/- premium is still difficult to justify. This scooter is a perfect option for intercity commutes as it excels on the highway. Watch out for Aprilia’s scanty after-sales and service network along with the high ownership cost. However, if you are looking for a soft and supple city scooter, you should consider the Suzuki Burgman.

Aprilia SXR 125 Review 8
The sharp cuts and creases make the SXR stand out

What’s Cool

* The scooter looks very premium and attractive
* The instrument cluster is quite big and offers a ton of data * The suspension and chassis setup offers excellent dynamics

What’s Not So Cool

* Low-end lag is quite pronounced
* Suspension is quite stiff for the comfort seeker
* Seat cushion is too hard for our liking when compared to other 125cc scooters

2021 Aprilia SXR 125 Specifications

* Engine: 124.45cc, Air/Oil-Cooled, 3-Valve, FI
* Power: 9.38 BHP @ 7600 RPM
* Torque: 9.2 Nm @ 6250 RPM
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Fuel Consumption: 40 km/l
* Frame: Underbone Chassis
* Gearbox: Automatic CVT
* Tyres: 120/70/12 (Front), 120/70/12 (Rear)
* Suspension: Telescopic Forks (Front), Monoshock (Rear)
* Brakes: Disc (Front), Drum (Rear); Combi Braking System

2021 Aprilia SXR 125 Dimensions

* Length x Width x Height: 1963 mm x 803 mm x 1361 mm
* Wheelbase: 1361 mm
* Ground Clearance: 161 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 7-litres
* Kerb weight: 128 Kgs

Aprilia SXR 125 Review 33
The ‘MODE’ button allows you to switch ride telemetry data on the go