2021 Benelli 302R
The 302R gets a design refresh

Chinese type-approval documents have revealed details of the 2021 Benelli 302R, the updated TNT 600 and a couple of QJMotor models as Qianjiang is readying itself to launch multiple products under different banners.

2021 Benelli 302R –

The revised version of the 2021 Benelli 302R (pictured above) is the first in the list and it comes with new styling. Featuring a stacked headlight unit in the revamped top half section of the fairing (the lower half of which seems to be the same), the bike has new graphics too.

Benelli has carried over the fuel tank, but has fitted new seats to the motorcycle that now has a much slimmer profile. Powered by a 300cc parallel twin motor, the bike has 36 HP, weighs 182 kg and has a wheelbase of 1410 mm.

2021 Benelli TNT 600 –

2021 Benelli TNT 600
The middleweight bike comes with serious hardware

Next up is the 2021 Benelli TNT 600 that also sports styling tweaks like new side panels near the motor and seats.

What’s more the 4-cylinder bike now features a new swingarm that was seen on the QJMotor SRK600. The suspension and braking hardware have also been borrowed from the SRK600.

With 80 HP available for the rider to exploit, the 2021 TNT 600 will be a fast road bike, one that will come with TFT colour instrumentation and a Bosch ABS system.

QJMotor QJ600GS –

2021 QJMotor 600GS
A 4-cylinder middleweight ADV should be a wonderful news to fans of such bikes

It is not just the 2021 Benelli 302R and the TNT 600 that have received type-approval from Chinese authorities. The documents show at least 2 models from its sister brand QJMotor that have been approved as well.

Code-named QJ600GS (the production version should be given a different name), this adventure motorcycle from QJMotor uses the frame and engine of the Benelli TNT 600.

This leads to the possibility of Benelli launching its own middleweight adventure motorcycle using the same hardware, that will sit above the TRK 502 and below the TRK 800 currently under development.

Although it has the same 80 HP output as the naked, the additional bodywork increases the motorcycle’s heft to 233 kg (wet).

QJMotor SRK700 –

2021 QJMotor SRK700
Looks good, does the SRK700

Finally, we come to the QJMotor SRK700 that is powered by a new 693cc parallel twin engine good for 75 HP and weighs only 192 kg in all.

Sporting an unique tubular steel frame, this motorcycle also features parts from Bosch, Brembo and Marzocchi. It is not yet clear if Benelli will make its own version of the SRK700, but such a possibility cannot be dismissed.

Of these bikes, the Benelli models are expected to be launched in India once they go on sale in China and should be capable products in their respective classes.

2021 Benelli 302S Launch
Benelli has plenty of products coming up thick and fast

Source – Bennetts.co.uk