After multiple rumours, Honda has finally teased the new 2021 CBR600RR via a YouTube video. The official global unveil of the CBR600RR will take place on 21st August 2020.

Honda previously claimed that it planned on ceasing production of the CBR600RR. They blamed the stricter emission norms and said that the R&D costs were much similar to developing a 1000cc sports bike, which made very little sense to them. But in a shocking turn of events, Honda has decided to retain its 600cc offering.

The supersport category, which was once thriving with options, currently sees only two prime offerings – the Yamaha R6 and the Kawasaki ZX-6R. We call them “prime offerings” because these are the only 600cc bikes which have received major updates in the recent past.

Coming back to the Honda CBR600RR, as expected, the bike gets many styling cues from its elder sibling – the CBR1000RR. The front end, mainly the headlamps and the fairings, look new while the air-intake retains the signature 600RR shape.

The tail unit of the Honda CBR600RR seems to remain unchanged, though. It resembles the previous-gen model, and it even keeps the under-seat exhaust too. Almost all manufacturers have switched to side-mounted exhausts to cope up with the stringent emission norms, so the under-seat exhaust might even become a key selling point for the CBR600RR. Big thumbs up to Honda from our side.

The Honda CBR600RR’s engine was always one of the best 600cc engines. After all, the same 600cc engine was used in Moto2 bikes in the world championship. The updated 600RR will keep the 599cc inline-4 motor as before but will have an extensive electronics package to keep it right up with the competition.

Among other things, the video also shows a fully-digital TFT display which it gets from its elder sibling. While we must wait to experience its handling, the video shows that it will get winglets on each side for added downforce. Also, the inline-4 engine can be heard screaming in the video and it serves as pure music to the ears!

We think it is great that manufacturers are again stepping into the supersport category because these motorcycles serve as the perfect blend between superbikes and beginner bikes. Lastly, like the new CBR1000RR, maybe Honda will also introduce the CBR600RR via its BigWing showrooms, but not anytime soon.

2021 Honda CBR600RR

  • Honda released a teaser showcasing the 2021 CBR600RR
  • It gets styling cues from its elder sibling- the CBR1000RR, but keeps the under-seat exhaust
  • It will feature the same 599cc inline-4 motor, but with modern electronics
2021 Honda CBR600RR Full
While the CBR600RR looks new from the front, the rear end looks unchanged