Compact Sedan Sales July 2020
The Amaze has jumped to the second spot this July

July 2020 sedan sales across the four segments, that we are about to see, have plummeted, with all of them posting negative growth in all. This is despite sales getting back on track to a certain extent in July.

First up, compact sedans and no surprises here, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire leads the pack by a huge margin, selling over three times the numbers its nearest competitor could muster. All of this despite losing 30 percent sales year-on-year.

The Amaze has come from the depths of the segment to take second spot with 2587 units, followed by the Aura and Xcent pair, which saw 1839 units get sold, the only positive growth in the segment.

C-Segment Sedan Sales July 2020
Interestingly, the Ciaz has lost most ground this time around

The C-segment is next and by Jove! the Honda City is on top with 1975 units sold, but only just as the Hyundai Verna is close by with 1906 units. Both cars witnessed slight increase in sales in the July 2020 sedan sales list.

Next in the list is the Ciaz, that saw sales dip by 46 percent to 1303 units, followed by Rapid, Yaris and Vento which saw 738, 215 and 210 units get sold, respectively.

D Segment Sedan Sales
The situation has reversed this month when compared to June

In the D-segment, it is complete role reversal in July, since the Honda Civic has sold 77 units, followed by the Hyundai Elantra (20 units) and Octavia RS at 8 units. It goes without saying that all the cars posted de-growth, with the Octavia doing worse.

D+ Segment Sedan Sales
Camry sales have been in decline, a much bigger one

Finally, we come to the luxury sedan segment in the July 2020 sedan sales, which has only two players and no surprises here as the Skoda Superb leads with 46 units sold, five times more than the Toyota Camry which only saw 9 units reach customers and yes, both had negative growth.

July 2020 Sedan Sales

  • The situation in the sedan segment is grim
  • Compact sedans once again see more sales, Dzire leads
  • City and Verna post slight growth in the C-segment
The City and Verna are neck and neck in terms of sales in July