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2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review

Bike Tested: 2021 Yamaha FZS 25; Road Test No. 1311; Test Location: Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 1,87,500/-

The Yamaha FZ 25 is the most affordable 250cc motorcycle available in the country

The Yamaha FZ has been around for more than a decade. No doubt it ignited the premium 150cc commuter segment in India and as the market evolved, Yamaha introduced the 250cc avatar of the FZ in 2017. It is the only quarter-litre bike sold by the brand in India. Recently, Yamaha launched the BS6 variant of the FZ 25 with a few cosmetic changes to keep up with its rivals. The FZ 25 is now offered in two variants, a standard and an ‘S’ variant. We find out the changes on our road test and tell you how it fares in real-life riding conditions.

MotorQuest: Yamaha’s FZ lineup started back in 1984 with the FZ 400R, it was only sold in Japan back then. It’s a vast lineup ranging from 150cc street naked to 1000cc sport-touring machines. In India however, Yamaha only offers a 150cc and a 250cc model. Yamaha has a total of three manufacturing plants in our country that are located in UP, Haryana and Tamil Nadu.

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 18
The golden wheels are specific to the S variant but aren’t offered on the white colour of the FZ 25

Styling – The Yamaha FZ possesses typical street-fighter styling with a bold face, sharp lines and aggressive cuts. In terms of styling, the bike largely remains the same as before. However, the front fascia of the motorcycle has been completely changed. The FZ now gets a new headlamp setup with daytime running LEDs and an LED projector which has been borrowed from the MT-15. The FZ also gets a new belly pan as standard. As mentioned before, there are two variants on offer now – standard and ‘S’. The S variant gets three colour options – Patina Green, Matte Blue and Matte White. Apart from this, the S variant also gets a smoked visor and knuckle guards. The standard variant is offered in simple blue and black colour options.

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 16
The face has a lot of resemblance to the Pacific Rim movie character

The new design language and the “Transformer-like” face of the FZ 25 looks very futuristic

The changes are restricted only to the front end of the motorcycle, and for the most part, the bike remains untouched. With these changes, the FZ looks more aggressive and macho than before. The designers really said, “if it ain’t broke, why to fix it?” anyways, the changes aren’t much but, they are quite prominent and give the FZ a renewed, more modern look. However, the LED indicators, as seen on our test bike, are not standard on any variant and are sold separately for Rs. 1500/- which is a glaring omission at this price point. Overall, the FZ looks more appealing than ever.

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 3
The instrument cluster is small yet functional and easy to read

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – The instrument cluster on the BS6 model is exactly similar to the BS4 model. It is a negative LCD that is visible even in bright daylight. In 2021, this cluster feels very old due to the massive bezels surrounding the display and it feels very lacking especially when compared to what the competition is offering. This isn’t the same cluster that does duty on the cheaper 150cc FZ but it looks the same and feels out of place on a 1.9 lakh Rupee bike. This cluster lacks essential information like a gear position indicator, range, service remainder, etc. It also doesn’t get any Bluetooth connectivity either. Nevertheless, it offers all the basic ride telemetry data and gets the job done.

Though the cluster is fairly basic, it is very easy to read even in bright sunlight

Talking about switchgear, the left unit gets a new button to switch between DRL mode and headlamp mode. Apart from that, everything remains the same. Just beside that, you have a high-low beam switch followed by an indicator switch, and at last, there is the horn button. The right switchgear is quite compact. It houses an engine kill switch and an engine starter button. The quality of the switchgear is good and offers decent tactile feedback. But if you compare this to the Yamaha R15, the switchgear does feel quite basic.

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 1
Offering the most comfortable seat is one the main USPs of this bike

Ergonomics – The ergonomics of the Yamaha FZ say that it is directed more towards comfortable commuting. To begin with, the riding posture is quite upright and, the footpegs are center set. The handlebar is angled well and is easy to reach also, it feels light to move around. Also, to make things accessible, the seat height is 795 mm which makes the FZ well suited for tall as-well-as short riders. The rider seat is quite spacious and supports the hips and inner thighs pretty well. Not to forget, the pillion seat is also apt for long distances. Mirrors offer a decent view of what’s behind but, they aren’t as wide. All in all, the FZ is an excellent choice for comfort seekers.

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 32
The motor is well tuned towards delivering abundance of torque

Performance – The FZ is powered by the same 249cc, single-cylinder, air/oil-cooled engine producing 20.51 BHP at 8000 RPM and 20.1 Nm of torque at 6000 RPM. Interestingly, these power figures are very similar to the BS4 model and, this motor hasn’t dropped any significant amount of power owing to BS6 emission norms. This motor is fairly tractable, the low end feels brisk while the midrange is where this motor excels! It has a very strong mid-range which is quite enjoyable but, the top end feels quite flat. The FZ 25 gets the same 5-speed gearbox which grants perfect shifts every time but, a 6-speed unit should have been offered. The 0-100 km/hr spell takes 10.63 seconds while the motor maxes out at 130 km/hr.

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 9
This motor is perfect for your daily commute as well as long weekend rides

The exhaust note of the FZ 25 isn’t too loud, it is bassy and feels good to hear

Although the engine is smooth, it has a fair amount of vibrations as the motor is tuned to have a torquey nature. Nevertheless, the vibrations won’t bother you as much. During our road test, the FZ managed to return an excellent fuel economy of 40 km/l and clearly, the FZ is the most fuel-efficient 250cc bike and with a tank capacity of 14-litres, the range lies at 560 km which is impressive. Being an air/oil-cooled engine, it does heat up quite a bit during stop-go traffic conditions and some heat is felt around your legs but, it isn’t too much to complain about. Overall, the FZ is a very capable tourer too.

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 28
The Yamaha FZS 25 feels at home in the mid-range

Riding Dynamics – The FZ gets a telescopic suspension up front and a linked-type monocross setup at the rear. This setup is a delightful mix of hard and soft and, it offers the best of both worlds. It feels soft on bad roads and very supportive while tipping into corners. The diamond frame chassis is well-tuned, it doesn’t flex much and offers a generous amount of feedback. Handling wise, the FZ fares quite well, it feels stable at high speeds and while in traffic, it feels very light and can be manoeuvred easily. At 153 kgs, the FZ is fairly light and feels very flick-able, one can really feel the potential of this chassis while cornering.

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 33
The handlebar offers outstanding feedback throughout the ride

The Yamaha FZ feels very comfortable to ride all day long, the dynamics have a balance of engagement as well as comfort

The MRF tyres grip well enough however they aren’t as confidence-inspiring. The FZ gets a 282 mm disc at the front and a 220 mm disc at the rear. These brakes pack a lot of stopping power and are backed by dual-channel ABS to make sure to bring you to a safe halt every time. If you happen to find yourself in an offroad situation, the FZ has got your back as the 160 mm ground clearance does come in handy. In conclusion, the FZ possesses one of the best, comfort-oriented riding dynamics in the business.

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 30
The bike feels very stable at triple-digit speeds too

Verdict – At Rs. 1,87,500/- (on-road, Mumbai) the Yamaha FZS 25 is the cheapest 250cc motorcycle money can buy. The BS6 update has seen a price bump of almost Rs. 16,000/- and the price hike doesn’t exactly justify the changes but, if you are the “no replacement for displacement” type of guy, the FZ is the best choice for you. Yes, it doesn’t have all the modern bells and whistles but, it sure has Yamaha’s bullet-proof reliability and being a Yamaha, it is built to last the test of time. Wholly, the FZS 25 is a no-nonsense type of motorcycle that is extremely practical, versatile and a perfect all-rounder.

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 19
The exhaust is well proportioned and looks quite cool

What’s Cool

* Extremely reliable engine
* Brilliant fuel economy of a whopping 40 km/l
* Punchy mid-range is apt for city commuting

What’s Not So Cool

* Lack of a 6th gear
* Yamaha’s service is quite costly
* Instrument cluster is very basic and plain

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 14
The gold rims look very beautiful and make the FZS stand out

2021 Yamaha FZ 25 Specifications

* Engine: 249cc, Single-Cylinder, Air/Oil-Cooled
* Power: 20.51 BHP @ 8000 RPM
* Torque: 20.1 Nm @ 6000 RPM
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Fuel Consumption: 36-40 km/l
* Frame: Diamond chassis
* Gearbox: 5-Speed
* Tyres: 100/80/17 (Front), 140/80/17 (Rear)
* Suspension: Telescopic Forks (Front), Linked tye monocross (Rear)
* Brakes: 282 mm Disc (Front), 220 mm Disc (Rear); Dual-Channel ABS

2021 Yamaha FZ 25 Dimensions

* Length x Width x Height: 2015 mm x 775 mm x 1075 mm
* Wheelbase: 1360 mm
* Seat Height: 795 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 14-litres
* Kerb weight: 153 Kgs

2021 Yamaha FZS 25 Review 15
The knuckle guards are a unique touch