Of the recalled 3.4 lakh diesel vehicles, Volkswagen India could only rectify 30 percent cars as of March 2017.

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After admitting the use of defeat device in over 11 million diesel engine cars sold across the globe that allowed manipulation of emission tests by changing performance of vehicles to improve results, Volkswagen group has only rectified 30 percent of the cars recalled in India. Since the company is headquartered in Germany, all technical measures were being defined and developed there.

Once an approval is sought there, it is then given for an approval of the Indian authorities. Obtaining these approvals had become a lengthy process and hence there has been a delay in rectifying the recalled vehicles. ARAI was responsible for testing these updates and only after this, the updates were being rolled out to customers.

The existence of several brands under Volkswagen, various markets, various models, different engine variants, gearboxes, and different model years has led to slow progress of the update. The company’s headquarters has so far given approval for engine updates that cover almost 70 percent of the vehicles that have been recalled in India. Volkswagen says, there are final two updates pending for approval and they should be coming in the next few days. This particular update will take care of the rest 30 percent cars.

Volkswagen India Recalled Cars

– Volkswagen has been able to rectify only 30 percent of the 3.4 lakh recalled cars
– Process has been delayed due to involvement of different brands, engines and models
– Volkswagen group is likely to shell out around US$ 30 billion as penalties and fines

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