For the boy racers out there who want their cars to look and feel like a million bucks while on a budget, there are certain hatchbacks that fit well into the description and give you the needed oomph factor along with impressive performance.

Customize them to your tastes, add the funk and bling and these cars will adapt to everything you want and make you look good. We cook up the 5 most fantastic cars that you can have for modifications.

1. Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo GT TDI Review
The Polo’s clean looks and straight panels give it a timeless design that can adapt to as many mod’s you choose to do. You could choose from the specialized body-kits for the Polo to give that clean and mean look; or have it custom painted or vinyl wrapped to your tastes. With great looks also comes splendid performance on the Polo, with Volkswagen offering the powerful 1.2 TSI and the 1.6 TDI making it a hot hatch scorching our streets. VW also offers the Cross Polo for those looking for a butched up avatar.

2. Fiat Punto

Fiat Punto Jet Black Edition
Designed by the Picaso of car designers Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Punto has Italian written all over it. The snub nose, wide grill and the swept back headlamps with a high shoulder line, while the intrinsic wheel design will just grow on you with time. The spacious interiors also seat 4 in comfort and style. To compliment the looks you also get a 1.3-lite Multijet diesel with 90 HP on tap, while the car is quite planted on roads. The Punto will certainly make you stand out of the crowd with its sultry looks and appeal. Add a body kit or racing stripes, the add-on will compliment the Punto. The Punto is soon going to come with rugged looks for adventurous kinds.You could also look at the Abarth and the Evo for some inspiration.

3. Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Swift RS
There’s a reason why it is Maruti Suzuki’s best seller. With the smart front fascia and a potent engine, the Swift is an ideal choice for those looking to perform at a budget. The exterior looks sporty even at nought, while the subtle touches on the inside make it driver friendly. The 1.3-litre DDiS also performs beautifully and the strong mid range makes it a breeze on the highways. The Swift is also one of the most mod friendly cars and you will certainly see plenty of examples on our roads. Add a spoiler and projector lamps, the Swift will completely transform into a racer. Check out the Swift Sport for some design cues.

4. Chevrolet Beat

We all went Oooh! When it was first showcased in the Transformers movie, soon enough it came down to our shores and its radical design just made us love it even more. The in your face front facia and love it or hate looks made it a dream for those looking for something unique. You have to love the Beat for being different in a crowded segment. Even on the interior front, you get a digital instrument cluster that adds to the overall sporty nature of the Beat. Give it a customized paint job and you’ll have heads turning in to check out your ride. Watch the transformers again for some styling cues.

5. Hyundai i20

2014 Hyundai i20 WRC
With a vague steering and a soft suspension setup, it is the looks that have been raking in the customer’s at Hyundai dealerships. The fluidic design has given the i20 a beautiful design flow that won’t go out of sync anytime soon. The aggressive front facia is a rather beautiful spectacle. You also get day time running lights on the updated version, so no need to get after market fitments there. The interiors packs in a load of electronic goodies, from automatic climate control, power windows, auto headlamps, reverse camera, keyless entry, electronic ORVM’s etc. The list is just endless. You also get up to 6 airbags, ABS and EBD to keep you planted and stables at high speeds. The 1.4-litre diesel produces a healthy 89 BHP of power. If looks are a priority, the i20 wins by a huge margin. Check out the i20 with the N package for rally spec styling.