Fog has begun to show up in the coldest parts of the country and if you live in these regions, you are bound to experience the issues concerning foggy weather. Fogs may appear in the early hours or during dusk and can make a complete stretch of asphalt disappear in a matter of seconds (figuratively). To drive in fog, it is best advised to alter your driving style and slow down a little to avoid mishaps.

Here are 8 quick tips to make your driving experience safe in foggy weather –

1. Plan Your Trip

How To Drive In Fog Plan Trip

It is best advised to plan your route before beginning the journey. Even a route you have been using for years may appear completely new on a foggy day. If you have GPS on your phone, make use of it to know for alternative routes, if the visibility is not high. Keep a check on the weather conditions before you start on your trip.

2. Use Fog lights and Low Beam Headlights


Fog lights are factory fitted in some cars while you can also get them installed later. If you don’t have them, it is better to get them installed. Fog lights help you to distinctly see the road while illuminating it. Also use low beam when driving. Make sure that you drive on low beam so that the oncoming traffic is not blinded by the light. You can also get the stock bulb replaced with a higher output bulb. Hazard lights will make you more visible on road to the other drivers following you.

3. Use The Demister To Clear The Windshield


During fog your windshield is bound to collect moisture due to the difference in the inside and the outside temperature. Use the demister to clear the moisture along with wipers on the windshield to make your view more visible.

4. Maintain A 5 Second Distance From Other Cars

How To Drive In Fog Maintain Speed

Always maintain a 5 second distance from the car in front of you. In a time of emergency braking, the 5 second window will come in handy to stop safely. Also avoid emergency or hard braking when driving in a fog.

5. Maintain A Consistent Speed

MINI Countryman Diesel Performance

Fog may tend to get patchy over the road, so do not speed up in a clear patch. Maintain consistent speed throughout the road. Avoid over taking and follow the car in front of you at a safe distance. In foggy weather, the best you may achieve would be 30 – 40 km/hr depending on the road.

6. Avoid Stopping In Fog

How To Drive In Fog Avoid Stopping

If you have to pull over, look for a parking spot far from the traffic lanes. It is best to not stop at all as there is a chance of being rear ended. Also stick to a single lane when driving.

7. Do Not Drive Unless Necessary

2013 Range Rover Tail Light

Driving in the fog can be very risky. If the visibility is completely low, do not drive at all and stop until the fog clears. Avoid driving at night, not only is the visibility extremely low but there is a scare of running into animals on highways.

8. Stay Attentive

2014 Mercedes S-Class Test Drive

Driving in the fog takes a lot more concentration than on a regular day. Not only the driver, but the passengers also need to be attentive and look out for oncoming traffic or obstacles ahead.

Things To Remember –

1. Do not play the music or radio, it will help you listen more attentively to the traffic and important noises.
2. Look out for road signs when driving, these will help guide you on what to expect next.
3. Use the right edge of the road to guide yourself through the road.
4. Carry a mobile charger with you and keep your family or friends informed of your whereabouts, especially when the journey is long.