Apple Car Keys
Just tap the iPhone on the door handle and it unlocks/locks with NFC compatibility

Apple has introduced a range of new features across their ecosystem last night at WWDC 2020. What got us excited is the new Apple car keys tech and the updated Apple CarPlay software with iOS 14.

You can now unlock your car without having the real keys around. All you need to do is, just tap your iPhone on the NFC enabled door handle and it unlocks/locks. Put your iPhone on the charging tray, start the engine and you are good to go.

Not only this, you can also share your car key with friends and family digitally. Send a link via Messages and the other person can access the digital key. You can give full access or even customise controls and create restricted profiles. The owner can revoke and share keys temporarily as well. It even works for up to 5 hrs after your iPhone battery runs out.

The digital key feature will be available first with the new 2021 BMW 5-Series starting from next month. This feature will be available on iOS 13 as well. While it currently works with NFC technology, Apple is working on new wireless short range tech which will allow the users to keep your iPhone in pocket/bags and it will unlock/lock the car without tapping on the door handle. This tech might rollout sometime next year.

Apple has also updated the CarPlay feature with iOS 14. It comes with a new set of wallpapers. Supports additional app types for parking, electric vehicle charging and quick food ordering.

Apple Car Keys

  • New feature allows to unlock/lock car with iPhone via NFC
  • Apple will introduce this feature first in 2021 BMW 5-Series next month
  • New Apple CarPlay gets customisable wallpaper along with more features
2020 Apple CarPlay
You can now set new wallpapers for the CarPlay and access more apps with iOS 14 update
2021 BMW 5-Series Apple Keys
The new digital car keys feature will roll out first with the new BMW 5-Series facelift in July