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Apple ends electric car project ‘Titan’

Apple Inc. has decided to halt its ambitious electric car project, codenamed Titan, after a decade of development. The decision, disclosed internally on Tuesday, surprised the nearly 2000 employees working on the project. Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams and Vice President Kevin Lynch conveyed the decision to wind down the project to the team, with many employees expected to transition to the artificial intelligence division led by executive John Giannandrea, focusing on generative AI projects.

The move marks a significant shift in strategy for Apple, as it redirects resources away from the development of a fully autonomous electric vehicle. The decision to cancel Project Titan reflects the challenges and complexities involved in entering the automotive industry, where Apple faced stiff competition and technological hurdles.

The decision was met with relief by investors, as Apple’s shares climbed following the news. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also weighed in on social media, expressing support for Apple’s decision.

Project Titan had been a long-standing endeavour for Apple, which began around 2014 with the goal of creating a revolutionary electric vehicle. However, the project encountered numerous setbacks and leadership changes over the years, ultimately failing to overcome the technical challenges associated with self-driving technology and market dynamics.

Despite years of development and testing, Apple was still far from producing a viable car. The company faced challenges in designing the vehicle and perfecting its self-driving technology, while also grappling with a cooling market for electric vehicles. Competitors like Tesla, General Motors and Ford were also facing challenges in ramping up EV production amid sluggish demand and supply chain constraints.

Apple’s decision to exit the electric car market underscores the difficulties faced by tech companies attempting to disrupt the automotive industry. While the move may disappoint some enthusiasts and analysts who had high hopes for Project Titan, it reflects Apple’s pragmatic approach to allocating resources and focusing on areas where it can have the greatest impact.

Apple Self-Driving Electric Car