Apple Self-Driving Electric Car
Pandemic-related delays could push the start of the car’s production to 2025 or beyond

Apple Inc looks to have sorted its self-driving car tech for its future EV as it has targeted 2024 to commence production of its passenger vehicle.

Named Project Titan, the EV could also feature Apple’s own breakthrough battery tech that is said to boast a new design which will radically reduce the cost of batteries and increase range.

Basically, Apple self-driving EV would use a unique “monocell” design that frees up space inside the battery pack as it bulks up individual cells and eliminates pouches and modules. This design is said to potentially provide more range.

Further, the smartphone giant is also said to be working on lithium iron phosphate batteries that are said to be more safer than lithium-ion ones.

Designed from scratch, the Apple self-driving car will likely be built by a manufacturing partner and not by Apple itself as making a brand new vehicle brings its own set of troubles.

Previously, the tech major held talks with Magna International Inc, a Canadian mobility tech firm, about manufacturing a car. However, nothing came out of it.

When it comes to technology offered on the car, Apple would want it to be revolutionary, just like its iPhone was. Autonomous driving system is one, while Lidar sensors (they help self-driving cars get a 3D view of the road) will also feature on the car.

It is said that the Apple electric car might feature multiple Lidar sensors that could either be derived from the firm’s own Lidar units or from suppliers.

To put a twist on things, there is a chance that Apple might reduce its efforts to an autonomous driving system that would be integrated with a car made by a conventional automaker, rather than making its own car.

But, if the production of the Apple self-driving car begins come 2024, it would have to face tough competition from other EV makers and pressure on a global scale.

Apple Self-Driving EV

  • Apple looks to begin production of its self-driving EV by 2024
  • It will come with the latest autonomous tech
  • Will likely be contract manufactured than made by Apple itself
Apple Self-Driving EV
The project has faced tough times since its 2014 start

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