The Indian supercar scene has been seeing alot of action off late. Many high end automakers from Ferrari to Koenigsegg have entered India so why should Aston Martin be left behind. The British automaker has decided to launch its high end supercars in India on the 14th of April, 2011 and will have two dealerships, one in Mumbai and the other in New Delhi. The first dealership is located at Kemps Corner and is managed by the Infinity Group (they deal in BMW cars). The New Delhi dealership has been taken by Deutsche Motoren (again a BMW dealer). The cars which will be available to Indian buyers include the DB5, DB9, Vantage and Rapide and will be priced between Rs. 1.2-3 crore. Daniel Craig, the current James Bond will unveil the Vantage V8 at the launch of Aston Martin in India and the company has received 30 bookings already.

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