The new SUV will sit on the same MEB platform as we see in some of the VW Group’s electric cars.

Audi TT eTTron SUV Front
To get much of the styling cues from the brawnier RS versions

The name TT and the car are extremely iconic and special to Audi. In fact, each time you hear it, we get to remember the game ‘midtown madness’. However, this beautiful sports coupe’s dwindling sales (only 12,118 annual global sales) aren’t living up to the brand’s expectations. So, the new Audi TT is going to be morphed into an electric SUV. It is going to be like the Audi e-Tron, but will feature a lot more sportiness.

The codename of the TT’s 4th-generation is probably eTTron, and to get all the characteristics an SUV is famous for – boot space, rear occupancy, commanding position and quite essentially the general public appeal that an SUV gets to savour.

This transformation is a result of the company’s initiative to launch 20 fully-electric vehicles by 2025. Even the next Audi A8 is likely to be fully electric.

The new SUV is going to come at around a length of 14-feet (4.2-metres), almost in the Q3 territory. However, to retain the sporty character, the car will sit lower to the ground. The exteriors and interiors will have a major overhaul. If these pictures are anything to go by, it gets the aggressive styling just like of the RS versions.

It gets the similar, angular front fascia, with a large signature grille. Although, the grille will not function as a vent, because there’s no combustion engine. It also retains the massive air intakes, with a ‘sloping’ roof design and at the back, resembles much with the Q8. The interiors, likewise, will be much more upmarket, to include a Tesla-style infotainment touchscreen which will control most of the functions of the car. Fact check – TT was the first car ever to receive Audi’s Virtual Cockpit.

The 3rd-gen Audi TT was introduced in India on 23rd April 2015. It had a price of Rs. 60,34,000/- (ex-showroom, Delhi). We expect the SUV to be in the global market, somewhere in the next decade. Similarly, the price too will be on the lower side (thanks to MEB platform) to reach the masses.

Next Gen Audi TT

– The codename is eTTron of the new project
– To have ‘Tesla’ influence in the interior
– Next A8 to be electric as well

Audi TT eTTron SUV Back
The rear end looks quite similar to the new Q8

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