2013 Audi S4 Test Drive Review

Audi cars are distinctively known for their eye catching LED headlamps treatment. The German luxury automaker is now taking this technology further for its future products. The new smarter technology will be known as Audi Matrix LED headlights, which the automaker will introduce later this year. According to the company, the new matrix beam lighting will interact with other vehicles on the road using a camera, navigation system and sensors that automatically detect nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

The technology will dim the high beam bulbs keeping the brightest lights out of other pedestrians’ and drivers’ eyes. Audi will phase out the high-beam and low-beam manual settings with next generation smart lights. The smart new LEDs include individual light emitting diodes working with lenses and reflectors in front of them. The Matrix LEDs are separately activated, deactivated or dimmed according to the environment. This technology can reduce accidents in the night, which are caused by blinding of the driver.

With the interactive navigation data, the matrix high beam lighting predicts and illuminates the upcoming curves automatically even before the driver begins to turn. Audi is also planning to use lasers for this technology. The new Audi Matrix LED technology will also help the manufacturer to take the headlight design to a next level. Currently, this technology is not allowed under the rules of U.S. government, so we expect Audi to introduce this feature in Europe first.

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