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Bajaj Auto to introduce their first CNG motorcycle in 2025

Bajaj Auto is poised to make a significant stride towards sustainable mobility with the introduction of CNG motorcycles. Set to roll out in the upcoming fiscal year, this move marks a strategic shift for the company, as confirmed by Bajaj Auto’s Executive Director, Rakesh Sharma.

The decision to venture into CNG motorcycles comes on the heels of Bajaj’s successful foray into CNG three-wheelers. By extending this technology to two-wheelers, the company aims to provide consumers with an eco-friendly alternative while also paving the way for eventual full electrification. Sharma’s confidence in the viability of CNG reflects the success witnessed in the three-wheeler segment and underscores the potential benefits for both the country and riders alike.

However, it’s important to note that the initial cost of CNG motorcycles may pose a challenge for some consumers. Factors such as manufacturing costs and specialised tanks contribute to a higher price tag compared to conventional petrol bikes. To address this, Bajaj Auto is advocating for a reduction in GST on CNG bikes to make them more accessible to the masses. The success of this initiative hinges on governmental support and the availability of CNG filling stations, factors that could influence consumer preferences and overall sales figures.

While the launch of CNG motorcycles marks a significant step towards sustainability, the extent of their impact on Bajaj Auto’s sales remains uncertain. Mileage-conscious consumers may find appeal in the fuel efficiency offered by CNG bikes, but widespread adoption will depend on various market dynamics.

It’s worth noting that Bajaj Auto’s commitment to sustainable mobility extends beyond CNG, with a diversified portfolio that includes electric vehicles alongside conventional and flex fuel offerings.

The first CNG motorcycle from Bajaj Auto is scheduled to roll out in FY2025. Would you buy a CNG bike? Let us know in the comments section below.