Plans of Bajaj Avenger 400, the Royal Enfield competitor, are not going to materialize.

Bajaj Avenger 220 vs RE Classic 350
Rumours have it that Bajaj plans to roll out a 373cc Avenger to go against Royal Enfield

Today, the internet has become a place of baseless rumours and speculations with many undependable websites claiming unrealistic things. There is no Bajaj Avenger 400 in the pipeline. In fact, there are two solid reasons to that. Number one being that the chassis of the Avenger can’t take a Dominar 400/KTM 390 engine and the other being that cruisers require a long stroke motor (the Dominar 400/KTM 390 engine is a short stroke one). From a Bajaj V20 (with a 200-220cc engine) to an Avenger 400, some people seem to be running their imagination too wild in the interest of page views. Let us stop with these baseless rumours.

In our market, Bajaj has been successful with its Avenger series. Spread across the 150cc and 220cc segments, these cruisers do not have any direct competitor in sight. Besides the good overall package on offer, lack of competition has been a major reason for the Avenger’s success. Even the previous generation, which received no major update throughout its life, enjoyed a successful run.

Speculations about Bajaj plonking KTM’s 373cc engine in its Pulsar and Avenger brands were quick to spread. Blinded by Avenger’s success, the domestic automaker launched the Dominar 400 with high hopes. Indeed the Dominar 400 had tons of equipment on offer for its price, more so when compared to the bare-bones Royal Enfield motorcycles. Positioned as a sports tourer, the Dominar 400 landed neither here nor there. Clearly, it also lacked the desirability level of a Royal Enfield.

The 373cc engine on the Dominar 400, carried forward from the KTM 390 range, produces 35 BHP of power and 35 Nm of torque. The Dominar’s mediocre performance is surely an eye-opener for Bajaj. The company is unlikely to experiment further and risk the goodwill of the Avenger brand as well.

Bajaj Avenger 400

– Bajaj is unlikely to launch an Avenger 400
– The Dominar’s 373cc engine is a short-stroke unit
– After mediocre performance of its Dominar 400, Bajaj is unlikely to launch Avenger 400
– Rumours about the Bajaj V20 (a.k.a. a bigger engined V15) are also baseless

Dominar 400 Review
Originally, the Dominar 400 was expected to be launched under the Pulsar brand name