In a bid to offer something additional to customers, a Bajaj dealer in Mumbai is offering customised Pulsar RS 200 to buyers at an additional cost.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 Customized
The new paint schemes give the RS 200 a different look

Launched in the Indian market a few months ago, the Pulsar RS 200 has become a huge success for Bajaj. The sales for the fully faired machine have been good. However, the colour options are officially limited to only red and yellow for now which restricts the audience a bit since many people do not want a bright coloured bike. To address this problem, a Bajaj dealership in Mumbai is offering custom paint options for the Pulsar RS 200 which come at an additional cost of Rs. 15,000/- and the lead time for the paint job is around 10 days.

We have found pictures of three colour schemes of the RS 200 on facebook which look very different from the stock colour options. The matte black paint job give the bike the ultimate stealth look making it easy to ride around without any attention. However, it hides most of the design elements of the fairing which is good considering the fairing is a bit too radical. The other paint scheme adds yellow stickering to the matte black paint which gives it a nice dual-tone look.

Another attention grabbing colour which is a bit too loud is the green and yellow paint scheme which is a bit too garish for most people’s liking. It is good on the dealership’s part to offer such customisation options. However at Rs. 15,000/-, the job seems to be very expensive considering it is not factory done but executed at the dealership level itself. For the ones who have been waiting for the bike to be available in their favourite colour, this seems to be the perfect chance to get a customised Pulsar RS 200 with a paint scheme of their own choice.

Pulsar RS 200 Matte Black
The finishing looks decent enough in pictures
Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 Custom Paint
Such bright colours may not be preferred by all
Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 Paint Job
Bajaj should contemplate offering more colour options from the factory itself
Pulsar RS 200 Custom
At Rs. 15,000/-, the pricing of the paint job is steep