The Pulsar RS 200 has been a huge success for Bajaj Auto and now the company is hiking production to more than double to keep up with the demand of the full-faired motorcycle.

Yamaha R15 vs Pulsar RS 200 vs Honda CBR150R Shootout
The Pulsar RS 200 rivals the Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR150R on price

Now who did not know that the Pulsar RS 200 would be such a massive success? Firstly, any motorcycle with the Pulsar badge is a resounding success but when Bajaj gives a full fairing to its popular motorcycle, the result is demand outpacing supply drastically. Such has been the case with the Race Sport Pulsar which has been doing such good numbers that the company is now planning to hike production. Currently Bajaj produces 1700 units of the Pulsar RS 200 at its Chakan plant and will take monthly production to 4000 units. The company was targeting to sell 2500 units of the motorcycle every month.

The Pulsar RS 200 isn’t sold pan India yet as Bajaj doesn’t have the production capacity to supply bikes to all cities. Thus, only 56 cities currently retail the fastest Pulsar yet and slowly the motorcycle will be available in new markets, including export countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and other South East Asian countries. To put it into perspective, the Pulsar RS 200 isn’t available in places where the KTM RC 200 is easily available although the orange machine was launched much earlier and due to the higher pricing, doesn’t have as heavy a demand as the ‘Definitely Male’ bike.

According to Bajaj Auto, the Pulsar RS 200 competes with the Yamaha R15 and the CBR150R, CBR250R from Honda. The baby CBRs are due for an update soon and we feel there is no rivalry between the RS 200 and CBR250R due to the high difference in pricing. In May 2015, Yamaha sold 2187 units of the R15 while Honda managed to sell 692 units and 319 units of the CBR150R and CBR250R respectively. Meanwhile, Bajaj Auto sold 8595 units of the Pulsar 180 and the three Pulsar 200 bikes (NS, AS and RS) in the same month. The company managed to sell 4526 units of the Pulsar 220 while 3246 units of the Avenger were sold last month.

Pulsar RS 200 vs KTM RC 200 Shootout
The real rival of the Pulsar RS 200 is its own sibling, the KTM RC 200