The Discover range has been reduced to just three models now including the 125, 150 S and 150 F models with the 100, 100 M and 125 M removed from the company’s website.

Bajaj Discover 125M Review
The Discover 125 M is discontinued but the standard 125 model remains

Bajaj Auto is not selling Discovers irrespective of the endless letters added at the end of the moniker, something which is quite apparent. While the customers understood early on and steered clear of the entire range, the automaker took some time to realise that or somebody did but was too scared to say something. Nevertheless, the inevitable has finally happened as the Pune based automaker has silently discontinued the 100, 100 M and 125 M models from the Discover lineup.

The Bajaj website does not mention aforementioned models under the Discover range anymore, only showing the Discover 125, 150 S and 150 F as part of the lineup. More recently, the automaker commented on the Discover lineup as “starting from the 125c model” further confirming any doubts on the discontinuation. Launched in 2003, the Discover was initially a success which prompted Bajaj to capitalise on the brand image by introducing a host of new offerings over the years under different displacements.

From time to time, the Bajaj Discover lineup has had engines ranging from 92cc to 150cc including a 135cc heart. Furthermore, the impulsive introduction and discontinuation of models also made sure customers lost trust in the product with uncertainty over spares (even though all models share common cycle parts) and lower resale value. The automaker’s last major attempt to revive the Discover brand was with the 150 S and F models introduced last year, but they have barely made a cut in the 150cc commuter space.

Bajaj Auto now plans to position the Discover brand as an executive commuter with a 125cc engine that rivals the Honda CB Shine, TVS Phoenix, Hero Glamour and the likes. In the 100cc entry-level commuter segment, the automaker is retailing the Platina ES and CT 100 that are doing well. This also brings up the old rumours of Bajaj introducing a new brand in the commuter range that will exist alongside the Discover moniker.

Discover 100M Road Test
Bajaj see’s better sales from the CT 100 & Platina over the Discover 100