Bajaj is set to enter the Indian market with electric vehicles in this financial year 2019-20.

Bajaj Urbanite Electric Scooter
Bajaj Auto has started testing Urbanite brand electric scooter

Officials at the company have said that the development of EVs from Bajaj will take place across segments. Bajaj has plans to introduce EVs in FY 2019-20 and is already developing prototypes across the bandwidth. It is uncertain as to which 2-wheeler will come out first, but the company will be addressing that question soon and is likely to happen this year.

Bajaj has recently come to terms with KTM to develop a common 48-volt electric 2-wheeler platform in the power range 3-10 kW for serial production in India. The serial production is expected to take place in Pune and get into works by 2022. Also, the necessary development budget is covered in the medium-term plans of the company.

For Bajaj, the development of electric vehicles is very important for the future. As they prepare and learn more and more from this development as it proceeds. This platform will support different product variants like scooters, mopeds, small mopeds. This will be for both Bajaj as well as KTM.

In the coming 3-5 years, the Indian government is expected to mandate the sale of only electric two and three wheelers. The current step taken by Bajaj will prove to be beneficial for the company as it will get a head start on the government mandated rules.

Bajaj may get a boost to e-power the three-wheelers as the decision for doubling direct subsidy for electric three-wheelers to Rs 20,000/- per kWh is being pushed by the government authorities for transformative mobility to make them as affordable as those that run on traditional power.

Bajaj EV Launch

– Bajaj is likely to introduce EVs this financial year
– Bajaj-KTM have agreed on terms to develop EVs on a joint platform
– The increase in subsidy for electric three-wheelers is an impetus for Bajaj to develop in that segment

KTM E-Speed Electric Scooter Side
Bajaj-KTM will develop a common 48-volt electric 2-wheeler platform

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