Bajaj has released a teaser video of a new bike scheduled to be unveiled on 1st February. The Bajaj V Brand is said to be made from the metal of an old Indian warship.

Bajaj V Brand
The silhouette shows the Cafe Racer stance of the V

With the 2016 Auto Expo coming up, news of new launches happening is flowing in every minute. Some brands which aren’t participating in the expo are launching their vehicles before it. Bajaj Auto is one such manufacturer. It has released a teaser video of a new bike it will be launching next week. The bike named ‘V’ has been built from the metal of the Indian warship INS Vikrant which was used during the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

The video tries to showcase the patriotism behind the development of the new motorbike and Bajaj has timed the teaser perfectly in line with the Republic Day. The patriotism level is at an all-time high on Republic Day which will help the viewers connect with the new bike. From the slight glimpse of the motorcycle in the video, it seems to have a slight Café Racer stance although it doesn’t look a full blown Café Racer as clip-on handlebars are missing.

Overall, the Bajaj V Brand seems to have a vintage touch to it in terms of design whereas the mechanicals are modern. A disc brake can be seen at the front so can the alloys. The wheels look similar to the ones on the Pulsar while we expect the bike to have a 150cc engine. The tank design, tail section and headlamp unit look new which will give the V a new look. Considering it’s built using the iron of INS Vikrant, it may have a limited production run due to limited quantity of raw material but again that’s more of marketing speak.

Bajaj has been India’s most proactive bikemaker coming up with new products every now and then. They have tried to offer the best to the market at the most affordable prices, giving value for money a new definition. The brand not participating at the Auto Expo isn’t very surprising considering they don’t have anything major to display this time around. More details of the V Brand will be available closer to the launch itself which is on the 1st of next month.

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