The Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS has been used as a donor model to be modified into looking like a Ducati Panigale and also gets several upgrades mechanically to look the part.

Bajaj Pulsar 135 Modified Ducati
The bodywork is made out of fibreglass and is a job neatly done

On another day something like this would be a subject of ridicule; a mass market motorcycle converted into an iconic superbike almost 20 times more expensive. But today is not that day! Today, we show this image to you on more philosophical terms as an example of perseverance, hard work and dedication that when done right can help you build your own superbike if it does not give you the moolah to buy one. This is to you ‘the biker’ when life gives you a Pulsar you make a Ducati out of it.

As sarcastic as it may have intended to sound, we actually appreciate this modification as the owners of these Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS motorcycles have used their imagination to convert the commuter bikes into the Ducati Panigale. Before you shun this mod job as just another cosmetic upgrade, we would like to point out some major details the folks have made, putting in some thought into the making of this model. The entire bodywork is reportedly made out of fibreglass and surely it looks like a neatly done job right up to the graphics.

The modifiers have also made some mechanical changes like replacing the conventional swingarm while the side mounted exhaust has been replaced with an underbelly unit to replicate the Italian beauty more closely. The single headlight cluster from the stock Pulsar has been replaced by a four-pod unit with the blinkers integrated into the fairing. In addition, the two-sided conventional rear suspension has been replaced with a more sophisticated monoshock unit.

The sore point though continues to be the single-cylinder 135cc powerplant that hides behind the fairing but ruining the aesthetic appeal are those skinny tyres from the stock model. Nevertheless, this really looks like a job well done and does show up the kind of potential modifiers actually have. It would be really interesting to see what these guys would come up with if they start penning original designs.

Modified Bajaj Pulsar Ducati Panigale
The skinny tyres are the biggest let down on an otherwise neatly done job
Bajaj Pulsar Ducati Modified
The two-sided suspension has been upgraded to a monoshock unit

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