2013 Bajaj Automatic Scooter

Recently there was a huge confusion on the topic whether Bajaj Auto will re-enter the Indian ‘Scooter’ market. Initially there was speculation that Bajaj will probe into the scooter market with a bang, with one of the most advanced and sporty scooter, but then the whole topic was shot down by the company saying that they will not be making scooter anytime soon as they will concentrate on getting higher sales and higher market share for motorcycles, both locally and globally.

Now more clarification from Bajaj Auto has been received. The 2-wheeler giant stands its ground saying that making a new scooter will hamper their high growth and profit at the moment, but at some later point in time they will have to build a new scooter. With scooters recording higher growth than motorcycles, it is inevitable for any two-wheeler manufacturer. They said that their current global share for bikes stands at around 10 percent. When this reaches about 30 to 40 percent and growth in bikes alone will seem to have reached its plateau, Bajaj Auto will expand into the scooter market.

Bajaj Auto also said that their product strategy will not depend on building a cheaper product that the competition, Hero MotoCorp, but a very well differentiated product with advanced technology and a much higher quality product just like their latest Discover 100T. They will launch a premium product even in the basic entry level markets. The company also said that they will launch a new scooter at the perfect time when scooters reach a new age when they will have to be re-conceptualized and re-engineered again from scratch. They will build a scooter with high performance and high fuel efficiency.

Bajaj Blade 125