Maruti Suzuki’s new sales network NEXA is looking fruitful as the dealerships contribute 11.9% to the total sales. The company plans on increasing their present number of 100 showrooms to 250 outlets in 2017.

Maruti Suzuki NEXA Showroom
One of Maruti Suzuki’s premium NEXA outlets

In July 2015, Maruti Suzuki launched the long-planned sales network NEXA. This new segment was aimed at offering Indian consumers a ‘premium experience’. This separate sales network was aimed at selling a premium range of cars that aren’t available at regular Maruti Suzuki outlets. Skeptical at first, many claimed that it was not one of Maruti Suzuki’s wisest moves, since the company is infamous as the car maker for the average Indian consumer.

However seven months into its launch, NEXA seems to have overcome everyone’s doubts and skepticism. Today, there are a total of 100 NEXA showrooms spread across the country. It presently results in about 11 percent of the entire sales figures for Maruti Suzuki, which seem pretty good when compared to September 2015 when it was only 3.39 percent. The company has sold a total of over 40,000 units of the Baleno and S-Cross since launch of the premium retail network.

Maruti planned to create a 360-degree premium experience for buyers who are looking for cars in the premium segment compared to the economical and compact range that they had to offer. This drove the company to open their NEXA showrooms in posh locations accompanied by a league of more polished staff. The Ciaz (facelift) will get upgraded to NEXA soon while the upcoming Ignis crossover-hatchback is also to be added to the range of cars that NEXA showrooms have to offer.

Owing to the recent boom in business due to their new luxury dealerships, the company is looking forward to increase this network up to 2.5 times of what it is presently. This new segment already has a total of 100 showrooms spread through the entire country. Their wide spread chain of luxury showrooms at present stretch through almost all major states in India, with almost three to four showrooms in each metropolitan city. Now the company looks forward in increasing this present number to 250 outlets in FY2017.

Maruti S-Cross Price
The Maruti S-Cross was the first product to be sold through NEXA outlets