Baojun Yep Patented
The electric micro SUV might get introduced by MG with rebadging

MG Motor’s upcoming micro SUV might be based on the Baojun Yep concept

Baojun, MG Motor’s sister brand, recently revealed their concept micro SUV Yep. It has a boxy design of traditional SUVs but in a small package with futuristic elements and a minimalistic approach like the MG Comet.

MG Motor will introduce a micro SUV in the near future and it is likely to be based on this Baojun concept. It will be slightly larger in size than the MG Comet but still measure around 3 metres in length.

The concept design was recently patented in India and we believe the product is in the pipeline. However, we don’t expect MG to introduce the final production version of this micro SUV before 2025.

This is an all-electric vehicle with a 3-door layout and gets 4 seats just like the Comet. The front profile comes with simple square LED headlights. There is a rugged looking bumper, plastic cladding on the lower half of the body, roof rails, protruding wheel arches and simple rear profile design.

The interior of the Yep looks quite futuristic and has a minimalistic layout just like the Comet to save space and look clean. It has a dual screen setup on the dashboard, 3-spoke steering with controls, sleek dual ton dash and very few buttons on the centre console.

The Yep concept gets a dual motor setup producing 100 BHP with its electric powertrain and it also comes with all-wheel drive system. The production version might get a smaller setup but if it comes with AWD then it’ll catch a lot of eyeballs creating a unique segment.

Baojun Yep India
It has a 2-door 4-seater layout
Interior design of the concept car
Gets a minimalistic interior design like the MG Comet
Side profile of the yellow concept car
It will be slightly larger than the Comet in size
Rear profile of the concept car in yellow colour
The concept is powered by a 100 HP dual electric motor with AWD setup