We tell you why is it beneficial to buy a pre-owned luxury car rather than an ordinary new car.

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You can find good deals on pre-owned luxury cars with so many options

Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Car

Gone are the days when buying a pre-owned luxury car was considered as a nightmare. In fact, there has been a tremendous rise in sales of a pre-owned luxury car. According to the experts, the sales of the pre-owned luxury car grew 15-30 % last year and the price difference is about 25-40 % for a car that’s two-three years old.

We all know a car says a lot about your lifestyle, your choices and your overall personality. So, it is important to own a car that accommodates your needs as well as your personality. And if you have always dreamt of owning a Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Jaguar or a BMW then, your dreams can now become a reality.

However, if you are still sceptical about owning a pre-owned car here are a few benefits that will help you make up your mind.

Facilitates Affordability
The most beneficial aspect of buying a pre-owned luxury car without burning a hole in your pockets is that it comes at an affordable price. So, you can now own a pre-owned luxury car of your preference at a much lesser price when compared with a new car of the same model.

Enables Low Depreciation Rate
As you know, a new car depreciates at a much higher rate than an old car. Generally, the market value of a car decreases by 20% for the first few years after the purchase, which means the new car will approximately lose around 50% of its value during the first 2-3 years.

It is also observed that, though all cars have different depreciation rates, the luxury cars have seen a steep depreciation rate over the initial years.

Reduces Rates on Car Insurance Premium
The car insurance is calculated as per the market value of the vehicle and this is the sole reason why companies charge higher premiums on brand new cars. On the other hand, a pre-owned luxury car would have already depreciated and thus, you can get car insurance at a much lower price.

Conduct thorough research before you buy your pre-owned luxury car. Also, while opting for car insurance online, make sure you transfer the policy on your name and read the claims to avoid any major set-backs post-purchase.

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