Benelli has scrapped off plans to build a global manufacturing hub, it plans to go electric for small capacity bikes.

Benelli Leoncino 500 Red
Benelli Leoncino is the newest product from Italian brand

We are on the same page, yet again. The EV (electric vehicle) clout is taking the automotive world by storm. So much so that it has made most of the brands develop their future line-up with electric mobility in major consideration. Benelli had a plan to build a manufacturing plant in India, but it was drawn off recently after the government proposed to ban ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) below 150cc by 2025.

The supposed manufacturing plant was to be a global hub for Benelli’s 2-wheeler array including small capacity bikes as well. But with all the ban fiasco around and considering the long window between commencement and stable flow of the plant, Benelli decided to let it go.

However, the company does plan to have concrete R&D (Research and Development) on EVs and enter the electric space to go ahead with it for small capacity bikes. There will probably be no changes to Benelli’s high capacity motorcycles (from 300cc to 600cc) as it has freshly launched the Leoncino and plans to add 3 more models to the pack. The Benelli Imperiale is all set to compete against Royal Enfield and Jawa Motorcycles, priced under Rs. 2.0 lakhs.

Benelli also plans to launch a couple of 250cc motorcycles and price those on a slightly higher side. The company already has electric mobility solutions being used outside of India. To launch electric motorcycles in full fledge, the company might require 3 years, give or take. The real deal here is tracking the government’s future steps on EV policies.

By scrapping-off the global manufacturing hub plan, the brand is rather likely to up the production capacity of its pre-existing Hyderabad plant. The company aims to triple the production and later fetch five times more numbers. Since January 2019, the Chinese owned brand has sold 1000 units and estimates to double it and sell about 2000 units by the end of the year.

Benelli Electric Bike

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Benelli 400cc Cruiser Motorcycle
A few more entrants are likely to join the ICE line-up after the Imperiale’s launch