Altigreen Propulsion Labs launches HyPixi, their hybrid kit at Rs 1 lakh. It is a result of continuous development to curb pollution generated due to man’s needs.

Mumbai Pollution
Raising levels of particulate matter in air could be controlled using hybrid energy

A very famous and apt for the situation quote by our father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi states “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” When the country is gripping against issues like inflation, safety of women among many, changes in policies need to occur in leaps in order to accommodate the dynamic effects due to these issues. There has been a growing concern to curb pollution among all the issues, our elected babus have been responsible in coming up with new policies if not revolutionizing off lately.

While the capital region has been experimenting with the odd-even rule to improve the quality of air by reducing the number of cars plying on roads, several other cities have also expressed their pleasure in conducting similar experiments. The continuously growing concern over pollution has given rise to new ideas in the form of solutions to curb or restrict the adverse effect of pollution towards mankind from different sources, one among them is to use alternate sources of energy or probably constraint the use of fossil fuels, developed by this Bengaluru based company “Altigreen Propulsion Labs”.

They are banking on alternative sources or constraining the use of fuel energy to meet the new-interest found in curbing pollution. Altigreen Propulsion Labs has essentially developed a hybrid kit “HyPixi” which works similar to dual energy mode of battery power and fuel power in cars like the Toyota Prius. Priced at Rs 1 lakh, the kit can be retrofitted in any vehicle that runs on fossil fuel while promising a reduction in fuel costs and green-house gases emissions by a fifth.

The HyPixi uses energy conservation techniques in order to store energy which is otherwise wasted during braking, idling and several other means. Altigreen Propulsion Labs promises to deliver Prius levels of sophisticated hybrid technologies at non-Prius prices.

The HyPixi has been under testing at Automotive Research Association of India showing positive results, the product is developed under the supervision of technocrats and bankers from established institutions whose focus has been to provide an alternative to complete dependability on fossil fuels with hybridization techniques. Altigreen Propulsion Labs plans to start their operations with fleet operators like TVS logistics and CarzonRent.

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