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The classy dashboard is loaded with all the latest tech

Interiors – Step inside and you’ll be soothed by the classy and upmarket cabin that the Bentayga features. Even the interiors of our test car which were black and red felt strangely comforting. The level of customisation is insane and we suggest you go on the car’s configurator to try some stuff out yourself! Because of the vast personalisation on offer, you can make the interiors looks sporty and athletic by adding a carbon-fibre trim or make it very gentlemanly by choosing one of the many veneer options available. Either suits the SUV’s split persona.

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One can customise each & every panel of the Bentayga as per their taste

Built using the finest quality of materials with insane attention to detail, the interior justifies the Bentayga’s price

Speaking of options, the craziest we have ever seen is the Breitling clock on the dashboard. It costs, hold your breath, a whopping Rs. 1.5 crores and only four cars get it in a year! The company has a special customisation department named Mulliner for clients who want to go to the next level with their personalisation.

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High driving position gives you the king-of-the-road feel while driving

The front seats are nothing short of thrones giving you ample support. You can electrically adjust them and the seating position is terrific. You get the sense of sitting high-up and the visibility is pretty good. The dashboard has everything minus the drama. The layout is simple and the controls are effectively laid-out. The buttons are great at many places but some of the switchgear feels like it could’ve done with better quality. The 8.0-inch infotainment screen is decent to operate and features all the latest in connectivity and technology. We were blown away by the sound from the Naim audio system. The 18-speaker, 1950 watt audio system is probably the best in the business.

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Rear passengers get their own tiny tablet to control their Bentayga

Both rows of seats are supremely spacious and have tons of insulation to cocoon you from the outside world

The attention to detail is fantastic. From the beautifully crafted steering wheel to the touch-sensitive reading lights, one can instantly sense the care that has gone into making the interiors. The backseats offer very good comfort and can be had in a bench or a lounge set-up. Options also include rear-entertainment screens and a fold-out table. For the more practical-minded, Bentley gives an option for adding the third row. But one must remember that the last row is best suited for kids. The boot space is generous.

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Rear seats get slew of adjustments along with a large panoramic sunroof

The cabin of the Bentayga shouts luxury in bold letter. It is an amazing place to be and rich details, exotic features and limitless customisation options make it one of the finest car interiors in the world today.