The courier service damaged our reader’s precious Honda CBR250R during transit after a striking trip to Leh-Ladhak with several damages to the body and chassis.

Honda CBR250R Transport Blue Dart Chandigarh
The bike was transported from Chandigarh to Bangalore by Blue Dart logistics

The month of June-August may not be the best time for touring across the sub-continent, but it is definitely the time to visit Leh-Ladakh for any biker. May it be from the Eastern Ghats or the Southern Peaks; bikers from all regions visit this place during this season. Though Leh-Ladakh is called bikers’ heaven, the scenario is not exactly heavenly. Severe weather accompanied by tough terrain and heavy baggage tied along the bike makes it one of the toughest challenge one can come across. But the feeling on accomplishing such a mighty task definitely calls the region to be labeled a feat for bikers.

Sighting long exhaustive trips or physical presence at workplaces, some people hailing from farther parts of the country tend to transport their bikes rather than riding back after the ride to Leh-Ladakh. Wouldn’t it be a nightmare for someone if their bike survives the toughest terrain in the country but not a courier service? Well, that’s the case that happens with many people but sadly never gets highlighted. Recently we came across an incident that took place with our reader Sharat Aaryan’s Honda CBR250R where the latter was handled in a way not meant to be. Post completing the Leh-Ladakh trip, the motorcycle was wrapped up neatly before handing it over to courier service Blue-Dart, but the bike was delivered back in a pathetic manner. Here are a few pictures of the incident that are self explanatory.

The bike when handed over to the courier service at Chandigarh.

Honda CBR250R Transport Blue Dart
Even after the challenging Leh-Ladakh trip, the CBR250R had no major issues
Honda CBR250R Blue Dart Packaging
The bike was completely packed and with plastic wraps and cardboard as instructed

Below are the list of damages that were observed by the owner –

1) Multiple dents on the tank
2) Broken fairing on both the sides of the bike
3) A bent chassis (frame) of the bike
4) Broken spot lights that was fixed in the front of the bike
5) Broken stand pointing upwards, along with a bent frame near the connection
6) Bent handlebar along with fork
7) Broken side and under cowl

It could be acceptable if the outer parts were damaged due to transportation, but what’s astonishing here is ‘What did Blue Dart do to bend the chassis’? Well, only people who have handled the bike so neatly could shed some light on it. Things worsened when Honda’s ASC in Bangalore confirmed that the chassis has been damaged beyond repair and it will take around 3.5 months to get a new chassis, as the volumes of the CBR250R are low. The story just doesn’t end here. Once the new chassis is received, the vehicle has to be re-registered again at RTA office (in his case it has to be done in Hubli – another district, as the original registration was done there). The whole procedure is set to take around 4-5 months.

The ASC has given a quote of a whopping Rs. 51,000/- for conducting the repair work, which is approximately 28 percent the cost of a new Honda CBR250R. Apart from this CBR, a Royal Enfield also took heavy beating during transportation and the damage is also estimated to be high. Post escalation of matter with Blue Dart, the company personnel agreed to pay Rs. 5000/- as per company policy.

It is not just Sharat who has undergone such a pain, but there are several people who come up with complaints similar to this with other reputed packers and movers too. It is really sad to see someone handling someone else’s precious bike in such a manner; simply forgetting that they are mistreating something on which people have spent their savings (of years), because biking is their passion. It is our request to readers to be very careful while handing over their vehicles to packers and movers. You could opt for getting the bike transported in a train instead, as one of the ways to avoid these hassles.

The damages have extended to the chassis that needs to be replaced now
There are scratches all over the bike with dents too
The paint has also come off at places and the bike took a nasty fall it seems
The delivery receipt after the bike was collected by our reader
Our reader received only Rs. 5000/- for damages which were well beyond Rs. 51,000/-
The smart company policy for most packers & movers allows them to get away with such incidents
For its worth, riding back home should always be kept open as an option