Diesel motor is a bit noisy but has terrific performance

Performance – Powering the BMW 6-Series diesel is a 3.0-litre, in-line 6-cylinder engine which outputs 265 HP and 620 Nm. The motor isn’t the most refined and you can feel the diesel noise at certain RPMs lower down but as you push it past into the mid-range, it smoothens out and becomes vocal in a sporty way. Turbo lag is well contained and the mid-range is strong while the 630d also has a top-end and nudges past 5000 RPM on the tachometer. The performance is thrilling with 0-100 km/hr taking just 6.1 seconds while the top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/hr. There is just a lot of grunt on offer because the motor keeps pulling relentlessly.

The 630d gets numerous driving modes which alter various components of the car based on the mode

The diesel motor is exceptionally punchy and the gearbox offers fast shifts

There are 7 driving modes on offer, Eco Pro and Sport have Standard and Individual settings while Comfort has Standard and Plus settings, there is also an Adaptive mode which alters the vehicle based on the driving conditions. These modes alter the engine, gearbox, steering and suspension. In Eco Pro, power is dulled down, the tachometer vanishes in lieu of a charge meter and the vehicle does its best to conserve fuel, it even lets you know how many more kms you have been able to go because of Eco Pro. Sport mode is the best in terms of performance and the 8-speed gearbox is really quick with shifts in this mode, there is also a tiptronic function on the gear lever along with steering mounted paddles. The 630d returns a fuel economy of 9-12 km/l and it has a large 66-litre fuel tank.

Despite being comfort-oriented, the 630 offers great driving dynamics

Driving Dynamics – BMWs are known to be drivers’ cars but the 6-Series is a bit softened up when compared to the 5-Series as this car is aimed at backbenchers. However, it’s still a joy to drive as there is good feel from the chassis, the steering is responsive and weighs up well and there is just stupendous grip on offer. Turn off the traction control, left foot on the brake, right foot on the accelerator, launch control is active and there is not the slightest of wheel spin from the tyres because they are massive in size on the M-Sport variant, giving great levels of grip.

The 630d has minimal amount of body roll & the brakes offer great stopping power

Ride quality is incredible and the high speed stability is also superb

Using air suspension, the BMW 6-Series does feel a bit floaty in Comfort mode but the ride is staggeringly good for a car running on such low profile tyres. The wheelbase is long and the ground clearance is low but a touch of a button raises the ride height which automatically drops once you reach around 40 km/hr. Body roll is well contained, outside noise is kept well out of bay and high-speed stability is excellent, so are the brakes which offer surefooted stopping power.