2012 Audi S4

Competition is indeed stiffening. With Automajors fighting against each other for the No.1 position, strategies are evolving. BMW, the King in the Luxury segment, has to develop its game plan quickly in order to hold on to its position as Audi, the No.2 player is gearing up to overtake BMW and become the top ranker. The German carmaker is beaming with confidence that by 2014 it would overtake its rival, BMW. Earlier the company had set the goal for 2015, but looks like the slew of products Audi has in its bag till 2019, is boosting its confidence level.

“We have already become the number two in this year by replacing our competitor Mercedes-Benz. We have our product plans ready till 2019. So we are very confident that we will be able to replace the current number one” Michael Perschke, Head, Audi India

In 2011, BMW had sold 9,371 units, while Mercedes Benz and Audi had sold 7,430 units and 5,511 units respectively. And it was just last year when Audi took over No.2 position from Mercedes. Audi is currently banking on its latest small SUV Q3. Within five days of the launch of the Q3, they received bookings of 500 units. Also the launch of A3 is in talks for 2014. But, is it going to be that simple? Audi has to tighten up its position and BMW must come up with the new strategy as the No.3 position leader, Mercedes has got its own game plan coming into action. And the deadline it has given itself is year 2016.

The Daimler company is gearing up to launch entry level luxury cars in the sub Rs. 25 lakh segment, a segment that is facing a quick growth. The models they intend to launch were for European markets and thus are not available as right hand drives (RHD). They would take some time to launch the RHDs in India. But they are confident about launching models in the B-Class by end of this year and models in the A-Class sometime next year. Also, by 2015-16, the entire portfolio will be available in India. Well, the scenario is becoming more and more interesting as the fight for No.1 position goes on. Will BMW be able to hold on to its position? Will Mercedes overtake Audi and BMW and shatter Audi’s confidence? Let’s sit back in our comfort zones and watch this game!

2013 BMW X1 Facelift