The higher the resale value you receive for your car, the lower is the depreciation value of the car. This also means that you get a faster return on your investment. That’s why before selling your car; certain small tricks can increase the resale value of your car.

We give you 5 easy steps to boost the resale value of your car before selling.

1. Maintenance

How To Change Oil Add Oil
A well maintained car commands a higher resale value. It is not something you can do at the very last moment, but it is over the course of the whole ownership period that decides the condition of your car at the time of sale. You can choose to flush your engine and clean up before selling the car. Remember that certain parts are perishable and need to be replaced at certain intervals. Make sure you do carry out the replacements at the specified period. Another factor is maintaining the service record of your vehicle. Used cars with a complete service history are far more trustworthy to own.

2. Wax And Shine

Turtle Wax
Even though you may not sell a pristine showroom condition car to the new buyer, giving it a wax polish and shine will certainly make your car stand out. The buyer obviously would like to own a car that looks close to new if not completely new. Get your car treated by a car care experience. The car care experience will take care by cleaning up of small gaps, tar marks, plastic parts but that could also end up being a little expensive. You can also choose to wax your car at home with a good quality wax from the market.

Also choose to clean the engine bay before showing the car to the buyer. Check for fuel leaks, oil leaks from the engine that needs to be rectified.

3. Clean Up The Headlights

Volkswagen Polo SR headlights
The headlights on older cars might get foggy with time, giving a dull feel to your car. You get headlight cleaning kits in the market with instruction to clean up the grime from the headlight and give it a refreshing look. The cheap trick is to use toothpaste and a soft cloth to clean up the headlights. You can use polish later to shine the headlight lens. You can also have them polished professionally which should be a reasonable charge.

4. Clean Your Interiors

Clean Your Dashboard
A thorough clean up of the interiors is very important. You can vacuum the interiors of the car. Clean the carpet, floor mats, seats, window glass. Also make sure you clean the AC vents, switches and panels. You can opt for a car cleaning kit from the market which should be sufficient.

A complete car care kit will cost you anything between Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 3000/- depending on the brand you choose. You can go for brands like pidilite motomax, turtle wax, 3M, Formula One for car cleaning products.

5. Replace Inexpensive Spares

Bumper Scrapes
Inexpensive spare parts like interior lights, brake pads, wipers should be replaced before selling. This will not only shed the age of the car, but will give the car a fresh look. Certain parts will also aid the car in performing better, while parts like lights show that everything is in working order. Also, tighten any lose interior plastics or parts that would loosened with time. Minor dents and scratches should also be taken care of, while getting the car prepared before selling.

Make sure that the amount you spend on refurbishing the car is reclaimed when you sell the car in the end. While this is a minor investment, the returns could be very rewarding. You will easily add Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 30,000 to the sale value of your car.