What are the things you can easily check in a car yourself?

Difficult DIY tasks like brake pad replacement should be performed by an experienced person only

Ensuring that every single thing works properly is the key to maintaining your car in top shape. If the car is carefully maintained, one doesn’t have to think twice before heading out for a weekend getaway or an inter-city drive. For those who love to get their hands dirty, the DIY checks listed below can result in saving of money as well as time.

Mahindra Thar Daybreak Tyre
Besides maintaining correct tyre pressures, one should check the tyre side wall for cuts or bulges

10) Check Under The Hood – One should have a quick look under the hood and ensure that adequate levels of engine oil, coolant and brake fluid are present. For long drives, it is a good idea to keep extra quantity of the above in the boot.

9) Tyre Tread – Tyres should be replaced before the tread wear indicator shows up. Small stones lodged in the tread should be removed to get rid of the knocking noise on cemented roads.