What are the important things to check when your car goes in for a service?

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A carefully performed service ensures that a car is in the best mechanical condition

Periodic maintenance is vital for good health of a car. A well-maintained car which has been through periodic services regularly will offer better reliability in the long run. Owing to a busy schedule or work commitments, some important checks are often given a miss during service by many owners. Below are some of the things which should be checked every time your car is due for a periodic service.

Hyundai Creta Engine
Things like engine mounts and timing belt have a long replacement interval

10) Engine Oil – Level and colour of engine oil should be checked from time to time using the dipstick. A drain interval of 10,000 kms should be strictly followed.

9) Filters And Fluids – Timely change of transmission and differential oil is very important for off-roaders. Other than that, the coolant, air filter and washer fluid should also be checked and replaced.

Door hinges and locks should be greased to ensure seamless operation

8) Steering – Steering wheel should be rotated from lock to lock position and inspected for any noise or resistance. Power steering fluid should be changed at a 30,000 kms interval.

7) Pedals – All pedals should be checked carefully for excessive play, sponginess or vibrations. It should also be checked if the handbrake engages properly.