Delhi Speed Limit

CAQM bans BS4 diesel & BS3 petrol in Delhi NCR Again

As the Air Quality Index in Delhi-NCR surpasses the 400-point mark, the Delhi Government has re-implemented stringent measures to curb air pollution. The Delhi Transport Department issued an order on 22nd December, 2023, prohibiting the operation of BS3 petrol and BS4 diesel passenger cars in the region. The ban, effective immediately, will remain in force “till further orders.”

Any individual found violating the ban will face a substantial fine of Rs. 20,000. However, exemptions are granted for light motor vehicles used by emergency services, police and government bodies for enforcement purposes.

This move comes after the Delhi government had previously lifted the ban on BS3 petrol and BS4 diesel vehicles in late November. The national capital had implemented GRAP 4 measures in November as it experienced the lowest levels of air quality for the year.

The implementation of GRAP 3 measures, triggered when the AQI exceeds 400 points, indicates the severity of the air pollution situation. Subsequent measures, known as GRAP 4, are enforced when the AQI goes beyond 450 points.

It’s crucial for residents and commuters in the Delhi-NCR region to be aware of these restrictions and make necessary adjustments to their travel plans. These vehicles are banned in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.