Bugatti has revealed the Vision Gran Turismo and it looks impressive. The full-size show car of the same will be displayed at the Frankfurt motor show in the coming days.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Roof
The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo pays tribute to the Type 57 Tank

Ever wondered how fast and menacing is the Bugatti Veyron? If that is the case, then the new Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo will make you drool. Bugatti has always had a rich racing history and this car is a tribute to the Bugatti Type 57 Tank’s wins in Le Mans 1937 and 1939. The Vision Gran Turismo comes in a dual-tone blue shade which looks absolutely killer and suits the purpose of the car. This same classic blue shade was used on the Type 57 G Tank car in 1937 too. The company’s designers have managed to create an eye-catching design for the car that will make its way to the Gran Turismo video game franchise on PlayStation.

The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo has small and sleek lights up front. The headlamps manage to create a very angry and razor sharp look for the vehicle’s front fascia. The front bumper comes with fins that are used to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. The area that is slightly above the headlamps also gets scoops. The side profile carries certain elements from the Veyron but yet it looks significantly different and sexy. The rear looks quite mind-boggling with its quad exhausts and the thin red strip tail lights. The roof of the vehicle also gets a nice arrow-shot design.

The same dual-tone blue theme is carried over to the interiors too. The vehicle gets a racing steering wheel with all the required buttons and the centre console also has a lot of buttons. The Vision Gran Turismo has a sweet-looking racing seat too. All in all, the car looks just great and it’ll be a treat to drive it in the game. Frank Heyl, the head of Exterior Design for Production Development at Bugatti stated that every design characteristic is defined by its function and the vehicle is a perfect symbiosis of engineering and aesthetics.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo
The number 16 indicates that the vehicle is powered by the same W16 engine
Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Interiors
Interiors are just what a racing car needs to have
Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Side
Side profile has some Veyron elements, alloys look dope
Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Rear
The rear looks futuristic and straight out of some movie