Bugatti Vitesse Edition JP Wimille Front

A new extreme limited edition is introduced for the world’s fastest production car, Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse. The limited edition is named as ‘Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse Jean-Pierre Wimille’ and company will make only three units of this particular edition. Bugatti will introduce six ‘Bugatti Legends’ exclusive editions dedicated to the people who have played legendary roles in the company’s history. The first example of six editions is the Jean-Pierre Wimille, tribute to the Bugatti’s two-time Le Mans 24 Hours race winning champion, Jean-Pierre Wimelle.

Making the Veyron a tribute to Jean-Pierre Wimelle, the paint scheme on limited edition is inspired from the company’s car, the 57G Tank, on which Jean-Pierre Wimelle win Le Mans raced in 1937. The Veyron Super Sport Vitesse is painted in glossy blue color in contrast with the prominent carbon fibre application on the body. The interiors of the limited edition also crafted with the same color theme that replenishes the aura of Jean-Pierre Wimille’s 57G Tank.

Bugatti has not transfused the mechanicals of Jean-Pierre Wimille edition and is powered by the regular behemoth 8.0-litre, W16 quad-turbo engine that generates destructive power of 1184 BHP with torque output of 1500 Nm. This first edition from Bugatti Legends will debut at the Quail/Pebble Beach in US from 16 to 18 August. The company will release the other five individual editions within next one year. Bugatti is also working on a 1500 BHP SuperVeyron which will certainly take the crown of ‘fastest production supercar in the world’ from its own sibling, Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

Bugatti Veyron Edition JP Wimille

Bugatti Vitesse Edition Legends

Bugatti Vitesse Limited Edition

Bugatti Vitesse Edition JP Wimille

Bugatti Veyron Limited Edition

Bugatti Vitesse Edition Jean Pierre Wimille

Bugatti Veyron Edition Jean Wimille