Maruti Cars At Dealership

The festive season is right here and that means offers, offers and lots of offers. It is time to fill our shopping bags and get exciting deals. As everyone is celebrating, it is not a hidden fact that it is the festive season for the automobile industry too. Most of us indeed wait for this time to buy our favourite two-wheeler or four-wheeler with an expectation that the manufacturers and the dealers would give us some good offers.

Keeping the aspect of good deals aside, here are a few things to keep in mind if you are a first time buyer looking out for a car. Perhaps, things like budget, model, brand, features and the financing options should have been decided already. If not, then depending upon your budget, decide upon the car you want to go for and all the features you are looking for. A lot of information is available on the internet itself. These days companies have come up with affordable SUVs too, so you can give a thought on that too.

Always keep two-three cars from a same category as options and do all the comparative research. Few of us go for the looks of the car, others go for the features it offers and many others look for the mileage. Since, this is going to be your first car; indeed a thorough knowledge is needed. Refer to the best of the automobile websites for reviews from experts. You can also get in touch with us or post your question in the Help Me section of the forums here.

Apart from the expert reviews, do not forget to get the buyer reviews. Most of the websites have forums where buyers post comments on their experience with a particular vehicle. End user reviews can at times guide you accurately. While doing the comparative analysis, check for the factors like price, engine performance, mileage and other technical and safety features. The safety features are generally seen only on the high end variants of a model. These days, thanks to the advanced technologies, more of newer features are getting added which makes the driving experience even better.

Now, that you have chosen the car, the next step is to locate the nearest dealer and confirm the price of the car from the same. Since, it is the festive season, ask for the availability of any attractive incentive schemes. At times, your good negotiation skills can get you some more freebies. Generally, the dealers offer cash discounts, free insurance, free accessories, etc. Get all the details; preferably try to have a one on one meet with the dealer.

The car has been decided, the model has been decided and the price is also within your budget. The next step is to go for a test drive and feel the car and the drive yourself. Inspect the interiors and all the features on board. While driving, check the braking and acceleration system and the handling. Only after you get satisfied with the drive, go for the deal. The test drive is one of the important aspects as this is the only time you get to thoroughly understand the car before you own one. Once you buy it, the money is gone and you have to live with it till you get a new one. So choose accordingly.

We have reached the final stage of buying a new car. It is time to decide the financing method. There are only two ways, either you pay the full amount at one go or you take a loan. Most of the companies have tie-ups with banks which offer loan at good interest rates. Select the scheme which suits you the most.

Ask the dealer about warranties, extended warranties and any other incentives which might be on offer. Insurance forms a vital part of the whole deal and thus one must review the insurance policy too. Get the details on all the formalities to be done from the dealer. Once the payment has been made and the documents are cleared, the car would be yours in a few days (or a few months depending upon the waiting period on the car).